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Thread: Culling deer out of season

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    Culling deer out of season

    has anyone got experience of culling roe deer and the requirements that must be in place, the deer need to be culled now and not in november, any advice please


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    When we got permission to cull sika out of season the case had to be made to the Deer Commission for Scotland.It must be in writing for a particular estate, person and there is always a welfare issue attached. I don't know who the relevant authorities are in England but the conditions for grant are pretty tough. Best of luck.

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    Culling deer out of season

    243win, I think the short answer is not to do it.
    As far as I know, you need to demonstrate that there is significant damage to crops or woodland and that you have used every reasonable method of deterring the deer. If it is forestry this may involve fencing. I believe that DEFRA are the orthority involved with shooting out of season in England.
    perhaps Leagle or Swampy know more.

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    Not got a clue mate sorry I am sure it's DEFRA as my mate had some Canada Geese causing problems and they made him jump through hoops as I recall, but there has to definately be an agricultral damage angle ussually.
    Ask DEFRA they are ussually quite helpful, in their own way

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    Having read the link, I would say that in england you can shoot the deer, but have to give it away. So, if the deer need culling, then cull but give the deer away. I may be wrong!

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    I would ring the DEFRA guys and get it in writing if I was going to undertake such an endevour

    We have past dealings with these chaps, there are so many different views it is best to have it in black and white to cover your back.

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    Culling deer out of season

    243win, Something I thought of after my input.
    Roe does will be dropping kids in the next couple of weeks and the possibility of finding them before culling the doe is pretty well impossible. Surely this is a good reason for leaving the cull until Nov. when roe are grouped up and much easier to accieve your aims.

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    Cull the Bucks, they are legally in season and you will be seen to be doing something positive.
    If you follow Duncs advice you may find yourself in court.


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