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Thread: Question for Home Loaders

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    Question for Home Loaders


    I am in the process of renewing my FAC and am experiencing a bit of conflict with my FLO concerning quntities of ammunition that I am authorised to possess. I don't want to be obstructive or unreasonable but by the same token I don't want my trousers pulling down.

    The FLO is trying to enforce the 200 and 250 rates as per clause 4.8 of the Guidance Note. I am putting forward an argument based on clause 4.7 and 13.28 that individual shooter's circumstances need to be taken into account particularly where home loading is concerned and as a compromise I'm requesting permission to hold 600 in each of my centrefire calibres. I currently have permission for 900 each.

    I'm in contact with BASC over this problem but I'd be interested to hear what levels of permissions you all have in centrefire calibres so I can gauge if my request is reasonable or not. A simple list from each of you stating calibre alongside amounts allowable to purchase and to possess would be ideal and whether you have target shooting as a condition on your certificate.

    Thanks and regards,


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    I have an 'open' certificate, ie no Target clauses and my entitlememnt is to purchase 500 and hold 600 of each of my calibres.
    As I have a .308 and a 30-06 that could, although I have never had reason to, allow me to purchase 1000 rounds in that calibre, be they bullets or cartridges.
    I currently have .22rf, .222, .243, .308 and 30-06 and the quantities stand for each.
    I keep the spent primers, from reloading, so that if the quantities used ever come into question I have reasonable proof of my usage.
    At present I have two Hogdon powder containers full and a coffee jar half full

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    For my .308 I have "purchase 200, possess 400". For the .243 and .30-06 I have "purchase 100, possess 200". This is not a problem for me as they are estate rifles, not my own.

    For the .308 I have a condition for shooting; deer and foxes, feral pig/boar, and zeroing on ranges and land over which I have lawful authority. My expanding ammo condition allows me to shoot deer, vermin and - in connection with the management of any estate - other wildlife.

    I do have a target condition....but only because I specifically asked for it. My concern was that the other conditions didn't cover me for shooting the .308 on ranges, other than for zeroing. I am a belt, braces, baler twine and band-aid kind of person, in case you hadn't noticed!

    Hope this helps


    P.S. EMcC - glad to see you are a "jar half full" person rather than "jar half empty"
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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    P.S. EMcC - glad to see you are a "jar half full" person rather than "jar half empty"
    'Always look on the bright side of life' It's quite a catchy tune too

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    .22rf- Buy 400 possess 600
    .22-250 Buy 300 possess 400
    .270 Buy 300 possess 400

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    I have the following:

    .243 Buy 200 hold 260
    .308 Buy 200 hold 260

    To be honest I am seldom at my full holdings.

    I am not sure what limiting holdings of ammunition achieves with my holdings I could if criminally minded still stock pile thousands of rounds if that was what I wanted to do by buying 200 rounds every month from differing gun shops so as not to arrows suspicion. Again if criminally minded and I wanted to do a Derrick Bird my legal holdings of 520 full-bore rounds would cause carnage. Just an example of yet another piece of pointless fire arms legislation.

    Further to that what is the point of conditions?? Surely if you have legal calibre and legal permission to take the species on the land and the animal is in season the police are never going to refuse permission any way. Yet more pointless regulations.

    Don’t take this the wrong way I think the checks on people prior to being issued an FAC are well worth while in ensuring (legally held) guns don’t fall in to the wrong hands. It is a ball ache but well worthwhile. Rant over!!


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    Has your FLO given any reasons for not keeping your ammo quantities as they stand?
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    Thanks for your replies so far which are most helpful.


    No, he has not given a reason that stacks up other than they exceed the 'Guidelines' but he's chosen to ignore the bit about taking an individual shooter's circumstances into account etc. as per 4.7 and 13.28 of the Guidance Note. In any event, as far as I see it the Guidleines are exactly that - Guildelines - they are not law which appears to be borne out by the variability of the responses so far.

    Hopefully this post will help out many in a similar predicament as it always seems to be a big mystery as to what everyone's allowance is.



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    My hold numbers are as follows;

    .22lr - 1100
    .17AH - 600
    .243 - 500
    7mm - 500
    .338wm - 500

    I'm not a target shooter. All my allowance is for expanding hunting ammunition. If you were to be loading for target rounds don't forget that your target bullets do not count against your hold allowance until they're actually loaded into a cartridge.

    Try to find a bullet that you can only get hold of in boxes of 500 and then tell the police that's the bullets you use. That way they'll have to allow you at least 500 to buy and a reasonable amount over that to hold! My force were unsure about the numbers when I applied but then when I assured them that I would only load a sensible number at any one time and hold the rest as expanding missiles they calmed down. Perhaps if you tell your FEO you only ever have 200 loaded rounds in your safe for security reasons but need the numbers to hold the missiles they may see sense as mine did?

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    .22 rimfire-buy 400-hold 500
    .308-buy 100 keep 600 due to reloading.

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