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Thread: Non fussy sauer barrel

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    Non fussy sauer barrel

    I am certainly no expert on reloading, having only started a few years ago, the previous 30 years were spent using factory fodder in various makes and calibres of rifles.

    I have a Sauer 202 elegance in 6.5x55 and 30-06 and have found that both calibres to be totally accepting of whatever load / bullet weight I use, and will shoot sub half inch (and usually better) with just about anything I have tried to date. I have tried softpoints, ballistic tips, boat tails of varying weights using N150 and N160 and all work so well.

    I have never experienced this before with other rifles; either I have been exceptionally lucky or (dare I say it) is down to the Sauer being a slightly better quality rifle? Or the powder is good match to calibres.



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    I have a few rifles that shoot well with any load I can concoct. Count yourself blessed! ~Muir

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    Blessed indeed I think Muir!

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    I can't comment on the different calibres, but my own Sauer 202 in 308 will shoot mixed reloads into the same group at 100m. Last time I used it on the range I took a few odd rounds that were in my gun cupboard that I didn't have enough left of to take out stalking. There were a couple of 125grn BT loads, some 150grn, and some 180grn. All hit a 3" Birchwood Casey day-glo target patch.
    Sauer make very good barrels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thomas View Post
    ...or (dare I say it) is down to the Sauer being a slightly better quality rifle?....

    Sauer not a "slightly" better quality rifle.

    Sauer is much much better than nearly any other factory rifle out there...

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    I was trying to be polite on that front



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