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Thread: Total incompetency from Lincolnshire firearms Licensing once again

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    Total incompetency from Lincolnshire firearms Licensing once again

    Well my newly varied certificate finally arrived this morning and a waste of time and money it was too they have totally missed off one rifle from the to be acquired which is deliberate, two rifles which I no longer own are still in the certifiacte. It still has 30-06 Exp ammo yet the rifle has bee removed from stalking to be replaced with a .308 yet no expanding ammo for a .308. They counted my .270 Bullets (components) and low and behold my new holding allowance is actually less that I have in stock............................... I wonder why that is .

    Nearly every calibres ammunition allowance has been reduced and only two of the things asked to be done have actually been done and this has taken them nearly three months to cock up. I have highlighted the omissions, errors and missing items and will get it photocopied and now the matter is going higher. We shall be contacting the shooting body I am member of for their advice and also taking it with our MP. The Lincs Police are always harping on about shortfalls in budgets and that they need more money from government and the tax payers.

    My view is their budget should be cut drastically until they can actually proivde a worthwhile service and do the job properly. Why should we fund such incompetant idiots is beyond me

    When one of the managers EVENTUALLY phones me, no I won't be holding my breathe on this I shall tell them that they can send the FEO out to collect the certificate as after all it's their cock ups, purposeful I might add, that have required it to be returned. I am expected to either drive 80 miles to return it or use registered post yet they send an unsigned ticket with open slots through the normal mail. So much for security!

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    That's shocking! I look forward to hearing what (if any excuse) they give you, and I hope you can get this shambles sorted out ASAP.

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    I wouldn't waste your breath asking them to collect it. That's unlikely to happen! It seems mishaps aren't unusual on FACs (I've had loads) and my force will usually fix it and get it back to me by return of post. It seems your lot have done a lot to get your back up already? Generally though there are a lot of mishaps amongst the office monkeys, I've almost come to expect something to be missed when I put in a variation!

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    I am cracking up here.

    In all honesty you didnt really expect it to come back all tickety boo did you

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    Well sorry you aren't happy but maybe it is the way you speak to people as I have had NO problems with Lincolnshire police.

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    Well this afternoon after phoning yesterday and making sure Helen would be at Nettleham I drove over to meet up with the owner of the P-H 1200TX (Single shot H/B target rifle) that he has been holding for me since the early part of may and finally did the transfer. Then on to Nettleham where we had a two and half hour meeting sorting out the mess that my certificate was in. It turned out to be a fairly productive meeting. There are still issuses to be resolved such as only being able to shoot a few of the rifles on my certificate but we are the best point it's been at in the five odd years I have again resided in this county.

    Yes that's right this has been dragging on for FIVE YEARS .

    As for this statement by CAM:-

    Well sorry you aren't happy but maybe it is the way you speak to people as I have had NO problems with Lincolnshire police.
    I have been told that I would not have any problems if I disposed off most of my collection. Their problem is that I have a fairly extensive collection and they don't like anyone having that many guns as she put it.

    So we now have the .222 not only fr use on Roe in Scotland but also CWD and Muntjac in England and Wales. They have finally come around to accepting that an original Kynoch 100 rnd brick of sporting ammunition IS collectable and changed the silly restriction of only having 20 rounds on one calibre in collection. After I pointed out that calibre has nothing to do with cartridge but is simply the size of bore.

    I have swapped the .458 for my 9.3x57 for range use. Yes I had a .458 Win mag on for range use but I can now continue with the cast load development in the 9.3mm Husqvarna model 46 rifle and try some more paper patching through it.

    So CAM if I had one or two rifles then it seems I too would not have the problems that Lincolnshire Police create for me. I had a chat with some of the girls and the suggestion was that they would dearly love to burn or blow up my file as it's far too big. I must admit it's quite an impressive sight when it thumps onto the desk held together with elastic bands and a nylon strap. Oh under HSE regulations it needs moving by trolly and two people to lift it. Amazing the paper works that mounts up after 30+ years of certification.

    So we now start to prepare for the renewal in early 2011.

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    brit:- purely out of interest, how many pages does your FAC run to?....callie

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    It's three A4 sheets. There is 15 conditions on it. I did ask for an extra ammunition sheet as the 4 slots on here won't take long to fill up. I'll just photocopy it and add it on for now as renewal is only months away now. Oh and 12 different calibres/cartridges in the ammunition section although is has 7.62mm and .308 now seperated and otherwise the target ball ammo would eat up the .308 holding.

    Currently it has three open slots although one is for a change of calibre with a re-barrel. Have a .270 in temp permit currently which will be the .280 once re-barreled. the other slots are for the BSA Majestic featherweight .270 I am getting from Anderson's of east Grinstead Sussex and a .243. hopefully if it's still available that will be a slightly customised Midland 2100. The Midland is in South Wales. Oh it sure gave Steve Kershaw a giggle when he saw it he was a bit stunned by the certificate to say the least.

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    Total incompetency

    You will have a Police Authority Committee with a County councillor as a chairman this committe is tasked to sort out the admin of your local force.Use this committe use your county councillors thats what they are for.
    P.s west mercia areb very efficient you could always move

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    I really don't see how having a go at your Local Firearms authority is going to help you, and especially mentioning one of them by name. Lincolnshire police have some of the best stats in the country. As for advertising that you have fourty + guns is pure stupidity as nobody can give 'good reason' for that many firearms, and aren't you the guy from another forum I have just read who has had all his guns taken off him as a known criminal lives in your house?

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