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Thread: Boots. Again!

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    Have a pair of Lowa hunters, well used, no problems as yet

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    I have the Hanwag Tatra Top Wide GTX and the Meindl Dovre Extremes (both size 43) - and (IMHO) the Hanwags are a better boot with a very comfortable fit - BUT they do look scruffy fairly quickly as the surface of the leather seems to scuff fairly easily.

    No leaks or complaints with the either, but the Hanwags (for me) have the better ankle support.

    Both are good boots, but the Hanwags get my "best overall" vote.
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    The first thing we would recommend is do some research on what each boot was designed for. One of the biggest problems we see these days of the internet is that good old fashioned chat and advise is not there for many customers, so you have to make a call whethere this item or that item is designed for what you need.

    Feel free to call the seller to ask about the product, what it is designed for, what is the construction, what is the warranty etc.

    We often say in store to customer that a big game boot is designed for big game and is an active hunting boot, where as something like the Harkila Pro Hunter is an endurance boot, designed for stalking in wet and snow.

    Just because sellers oftern are online only, does not mean that they should still offer a proper phone service. We don't carry any of these brands mentioned at the start of the post, but we are always looking for great products to compliment the ranges we stock instore. Feel free to drop in and talk about your kit too.

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    Lots of great replies to this thread my tuppence worth ? well I started with wellies good old dunlops then I had to have the best goretex lace ups and the rest spent countless to find out that in the end they where all ****!!! Jaysus that hurt the pocket alright where am I now ? Bekina steplite X good oul fashioned wellies albeit modern ones best of all never mind who wheres what just go hunting and forget, like I said just my tuppence worth.....

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    Military issue Altbergs under 100 new, wide fitting also.
    Very pleased with mine.

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    I have Altberg Tethras and Defenders, the latter pair I've owned for years. The Tethras are fabulous...totally waterproof, all day comfortable and very supportive with good torsional sole strength meaning they are ideal for rocky and hilly, difficult terrain. Quality is second to none as they use the very best Italian leather. The Defenders are a good robust boot. Not quite as comfortable or well specified as the Tethra but rugged and despite not being lined or billed as waterproof, mine have kept my feet dry and warm even after wading ankle high through freezing cold rivers streams. Keep them well coated with Ledergris after every use and they stay water repellent and supple. Best boots I've ever owned and I'll only ever buy Altberg boost from now on.

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    I wonder how many people wear what they recommend every day.
    I never got much more than 3 months out of a pair of boots when carrying bricks and mortar up ladders. They always split out the sides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTO View Post
    I wonder how many people wear what they recommend every day.
    I never got much more than 3 months out of a pair of boots when carrying bricks and mortar up ladders. They always split out the sides.
    Next time I'm carrying bricks and mortar up a high seat I will check my boots.

    Seriously though there may be a builders web site where you could ask the question.


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    I have had two pairs of 10" Harkilas, both pairs failed in the second year, I would avoid these at all cost.
    The ones I use now are Grisport which seem much better and half the price of Harkilas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jax View Post
    Thanks for all the feedback so far.

    What's the width like in the Lowas? I have quite wide feet. I think that's why I was leaning more towards the Altbergs or Meindls.
    I too have wide feet and struggle to find off the shelf purchases that fit well. Recently I discovered Keen as a brand. And several of their boots are made as wide fittings. I now have a pair of Targhees [very light] and Galleos [robust]. Best bit? I was not happy with the shape of the Targhees insole so called the Dutch manufacturer. I pointed out that the Galleo inserts were a better fit for the Targhees and asked where I could get some more. No problem they said: they are in the post! Great boots, excellent price [Targhees were 110 online a few weeks back] unmatched customer service.

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