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Thread: Boots. Again!

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    Boots. Again!

    I need some new boots.

    looking at the Altberg Tethera, Altberg High Country or Meindl Dovre Extreme.

    The Dovre seems to have a good following, but anyone have any experience with the mentioned Altbergs?

    The main thing I'm looking for is a boot that doesn't squeak and breaks in well.

    Thanks in advance

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    I have the Meindls and have never been as big a fan of them as the magazine adverts make me think I should be, they are OK but not as supportive as a decent pair of 3 - 4 season walking boots and I haven't found them any more robust either, much less so. They weren't difficult to break in, just required wearing a few times, but were probably more difficult than my Altbergs and Scarpas. The Meindls don't get worn much now as I simply moved away from using them (I have 2 X Meindls, 3 X Scarpas, 1 X Altberg, 1 X Haix plus some others) and I'd not have another pair plus they were not especially well made in my view and seem to suffer worse from even light wear than my Scarpas or Altbergs do from heavier and longer term use. I have another model of Meindl boots and they are better made than the Dovre in my view.

    I have a pair of the Altberg Mallerstang and they were easy to break in and are comfortable even for decent distances on the moor with a rucksack. There are a few design things I don't like about them and they also chew laces as the rings for the laces are rectangular rather than round in section. I also get the feeling they are not as well made as the Scarpas I've had in the past, though Scarpa are now on to a new range and I'd guess they've reduced the quality as well. I would probably have another pair of Altberg boots.

    Different people like different stuff and also have different demands from boots. If your use is pretty light - a few days a year on the hill or on lowland ground all the time - then to be honest wear resistance etc. probably doesn't much matter to you so you can probably ignore it as you'll be changing them before you could wear them out anyhow. Equally I like stiff and supportive boots but you might simply not need this on your ground. To be honest it is getting tricky to recommend boots now as many makers are going towards "features" rather than simply making a good, solid pair of boots that you will get many years of rough use out of.
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    Hanwag Tatra Top.
    More than 3 years old now and although beginning to look tatty still waterproof and serviceable.

    These have taken an incredible hammering with minimal care, working daily in the absolute worst conditions. They are due replacing soon and I will undoubtedly buy the same again.
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    lowa hunter boots are the best i have worn. No breaking in required and seem to last longer than the previous models of meindls i have tried.

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    #1 for hanwags. Got 2 pairs, one 5 years old, the other 3 years, still keeping my feet comfortable, warm and dry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mannlicher308 View Post
    lowa hunter boots are the best i have worn. No breaking in required and seem to last longer than the previous models of meindls i have tried.
    Mine are now worn out after about 7 years. They were extremely comfortable from the word go but waterproofing lasted about a month.

    I'm minded to give these a try:
    Mammut Men’s Trovat Advanced GORE-TEX Boots

    Only drawback with hiking boots is they're a bit on the short side.

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    I have recently got some lowa mountain gtx and they are the comfiest boots I have ever owned and being lowa they are built well and at 160 I can't understand why more people don't get them

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    Another for Lowa - best boots for me by a mile - tried the Mendel and a few others but nothing came near for me

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    Thanks for all the feedback so far.

    What's the width like in the Lowas? I have quite wide feet. I think that's why I was leaning more towards the Altbergs or Meindls.

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