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Thread: 9 wk Lab pup and deer feet?

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    9 wk Lab pup and deer feet?

    Picked up our addition to the family on Wednesday, a great looking black lab boy. Just wondering if it's ok/advisable to give him some Sika feet, from last nights outing, to chew on given he's only 9.5 wks? Any advice would be appreciated. Hoping to use him for both deer and game in the future.

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    Hi T,
    that would be fine, the earlier you can start them the better. Our pups have deer as their whole world from point one, cleaves, skin and even blood on my hands when i feed them. You want to make his whole world deer and dont forget when he's settled in start him tracking. You cant start to early.
    hope this helps.

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    Thanks for that, I'll do exactly that! I thought it would be ok but just wanted to check as his second jab is next week. Hoping the cross over between deer and game isn't too awkward but going to try for deer first to try and instil that steadiness.



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    9wk Lab pup


    Are you going to use your lab as a retrieving dog as well?
    Teach him steadiness on all fur not just deer. My wirehaired Vis does deer, picking up and beating but at times I feel that there is a pained expression on his face when the rifle stays in the safe and the stick and the game carriers come out.
    Labs can be superb deer dogs and remember do NOT listen to those who will say deer work makes them hard, the vis will bring back whole eggs.If the breeding is good he will be soft mouthed for feather but still take ragging with a skin without ruining his mouth.
    Enjoy your pup

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    Kit is spot on with labs and deer, some of the best dogs in Europe are labs and duel dogs at that. you are right to start with deer first then move on to birds. Have a look at Ali's dog Benji on our site he is a monster with deer but as soft mouthed as you will find.

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    Really useful stuff. I hope to use him for picking up as well so thanks for the tips. He's got a good working background so I'm sure the rate limiter will be my feeble ability!!!!! Apart from introducing him to it slowly any other top tips would be appreciated? I've read some stuff on retrieving as well as having dogs a while back but have never used them for deer so anything relating to that first would be great.
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