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Thread: What trousers. At Wits end!!!

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    What trousers. At Wits end!!!

    I will appologise for this immediately because I am sure it would have already been covered, but please bear with me as I am useless on forums etc ands cannot find my answer.
    What trousers would best suit me for stalking and picking up. I am out at least once a week in all weathers over rough terrain ect.
    I have had various other trousers and have always been dissapointed in their weather resisting abilities. This includes expensive ones
    I need a sturdy pair that ARE 100% waterproof and are comfortable enough to be worn for picking up and stalking which also includes sitting in a high seat getting soaked.
    I had a pair of Jahti Jakt and although good value my legs felt wet in them. (I dont think my legs were actually wet but felt wet if you know what I mean)
    Please reply
    XX Nigel

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    i have a few pairs of deer hunter , they have a clip in water proof membrane .. montana i think .

    on warm dry days there lite to ware .in crap days there very good .. tested in the wicklow mountains over the last few seasons and still going strong

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    For smartness while picking up look at ool breeks.
    Or even the musto/nomad breeks. They will also serve well for stalking.

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    I was looking at getting full length trousers. Looking at Harkila but know nothing of them or their waterproof abilities. Would be annoyed if they also felt wet
    XX N

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    Most goretex trousers give that feeling the way to combat this is with good old fashioned long johns to wick away the body dampness

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    Hi Nigel

    I have a couple of pairs of Karkila Prohunter trousers and would highly recommend them. They are 100% waterproof, my legs don't sweat in them or ever feel wet. They are expensive but then nothing good ever comes cheap!

    Cheers OT

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    +1 on Harkila. I have a pair of the Kodiak trousers with the leather facings. I wouldn't wear them in the summer but for winter stalking they are the business.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I to have a pair they have done 2 years but are now showing signs of use but im in them everyday in the inter.
    I am no using laksen and am very happy with them at a third of the price.

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    I too have Harkila pro hunters but have a different oppinion of them to Old Tikka above. The first day I wore them I shot a buck on a hill face and had to retrieve him through bramble. I felt the thorns on my legs and instantly knew that my expensive investment was knackered....and they were. Leaked ever since. Like you I am on an eternal quest to find something suitable for all disciplines. I have deer hunter ram and montanas and to be fair the montanas are ok as the lining is removable for hot days but on wet days my legs are just as wet from condensation than if I had been wearing denim.
    I have now turned back to good old tweed which is fairly cool when you are pulling up hills, dries quickly if you have to crawl, and is not uncomfortable to wear even when wet.
    I don't think an ideal "one size fits all" leg covering exists but all things cosidered,for me, tweed and a pair of good leggings is more comfortable for most eventualities than modern fabrics and linings.

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    Pesonally I wear just ordinary Barbour Moleskins full length trousers and wear a pair of ex army gortex gaitors and keep a pair of Bib and brace German Flextan gortex ex army trousers in my roe sack which I slip on if it starts to rain whilst out.
    As with all waterproof trousers they make to much noise for my liking ,whilst cotton moleskin are as silent a material you can possibly find so have the best of both worlds as and when needed.

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