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Thread: Yesterday while I was looking

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    Yesterday while I was looking

    at the guns in Macleods I ended up buying this,

    It is a CZ 600 ZKK in 7X57, the metal work is good, the barrel looks good but the wood is scratched to buggery, but no major dings or dents. The sights need sorting

    So what oil shall I use

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    NICE althoguh i must say I prefer the std stock to the monte carlo on the deluxe.. May I suggest on of the stock re-finishing kits Napier do one, although I have not used it, CCL do one under the bently Gun room name and I believe Phillips do one as well. they have everything you will need but of course you can buy the stuff in separate bottles or just use Boiled Linseed. I spray finish tru oil is also quite good. I have done a roe shield using it on a light oak one and it looks nice. brought it to re-do the P-H 1200v which has the high gloss finish.

    Hope that helps.

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    I use 2/3rds artist's quality boiled linseed oil to 1/3rd artists quality turpentine mixed well. It's not my invention but G T Garwood's. You can put some alkanet oil in it too to give a red/brown patina to the wood.

    I bought a CCl finsih kit for my Beretta, I am still complemented on how well it looks.

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    As above, but have now bought finishing Red Oil and also ordinary oil from best product I've used and the red oil really finishes the stock well comes with instructions. takes some time but as you work it will tell you when to apply another coat, prepare it well, take your time, thats a nice piece of wood in the best caliber I've used on all deer, knocks them down on the spot, 140gns partition over 46 gns H4831 works for me in my BSA Hunter every time, don't make guns like they used to. deerwarden

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    John, my first deer rifle was exactly that model but in .243 win. My lab puppy ate the stock! Wish I had taken a photo! You would have needed more than some oil to refinish it after she was done! I attacked it with a belt sander (stock not dog) just to make it usable. JC

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    Oh John have agander at the proof marks as it will tell when it was made. My guess is about 94-96. They seemed to have come across some wood then.

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    Looks a real nice piece of wood you've got there and a cracking rifle.


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    Is it a CZ or a BRNO ? Looks like a BRNO to me with the set trigger. I had a ZKK 602 in .458 Win Mag and in my opinion the Czechoslovakian made ZKK series are of a better build quality than the later Czech Republic made CZ 550 series.

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    Yeah. Now I REALLY hate you, John....~Muir

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