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    roe rut

    Hi, everyone

    The other day i went stalking with my dad smithp18 and we set of in the morning at 4:30 we got to a wood and the wind were not right so we sat in a field intercepting the path between wood and wood anyway sat there for an hour or so and moved we were on our way back to0 get breakfast and my dad smithp18 said "we will wait here for 5 minutes so my dad did his bit with the buttolo and 2 minutes after a doe and fawn come running out of a wood so we watched them for 30 mins and dad kept squeaking and all that happend were she were barking and ran no buck so we got breakfast and went out again nothing so we moved and then nothing till lunch so we went back out at about 12:30 and went to a wood and I said dad can I have a go so he did i squeaked for 5 mins and dad was rolling a cigarette and said damn and i were like what and looked forward and he was like there is a deer there so i said right i got my dads leica and looked and by the time i confirmed it were a buck he was taking the safety catch off and it wernt stopping it were on its way to were he thought the call came from and i squeaked again a few times and it stopped dad didn't have much time and took the shot perfect placement (like father like son) and ran 10 yard and stopped and collapsed so we waited ten minutes just to be sure and i rang my mum weather witch to tell her the news and we set off to do the gralloch i did the eye blink test and dad did the gralloch and since dad dragged the sika hind for me i dragged his roebuck PS: sorry about the pictures took some but havent uploaded them yet ill put them on once ive uploaded them
    Thanks Seb

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    You seem to be bringing him on just about right Seb , if he was not messing about with that fag he would have had it before it took off again, you need to thrash him more

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Well done Seb,

    Great write up, I look forward to your pictures.

    Did you have your BMH with you?

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    Hi steyr

    No we didn't but later on about 6 hours later and she did quiet well and she is doing well with all the trails that My dad lays for her

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    Hello, Seb, (Smithp18 and Weather Witch),

    That's fantastic I have her brother Zerno Crackshot (Milo). He is absolutely brilliant, let me know how his sister gets on!

    Keep up the good work.


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    Hi Steyr.
    I have been laying tracks for Casca (Zerno Celescine) with either liver or blood spots bring the distance up slowly. Last track was 200 yards ish, with dabs of liver and left for 6 hours. I put small piece at the start and end. It run along a field through a gate into a wood. She did really well slight distractions with other sent, but soon got back on the sent. Just finished walking out see was puing and we bumped a young doe, I know we should have left it but I was interested to see if she could track it. She followed it right through the wood to where it was 10 yards away in cover bumped again but we left it at that. Been following others on the site regards progress and I would say we are a little slower, but she needs manners to and I don't want to rush things. Tracks are once sometimes twice a week.


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