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Thread: Weve a mole in our midst lads!!!!

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    Weve a mole in our midst lads!!!!

    Last week I had a go at Basc on the thread. Now over the weekend Ive thought about joining BASC and also with my young neohew coming into the sport and what basc has done for a couple of friends I decided on Mon the time is right!! I spoke to a chap who is in basc and tried to convert me for 2 years and told him what my intentions were. Wewll lets say he was happy regards my decision.

    Then today Ive came home and had an email regards my post last week which (btw I stand by except the joining them bit) NowI dont think he is a member here, so I presume that some gutless **** has copied and emailed him!!! Now has that person got the b@@ls to stand up and let us know what that had to do with him and what he was hoping to achieve, and also if I posted somthing that offended him why didnt he contact me personally???

    The same type of thing happened a little while ago on the fowling forum and I know think he has been to blame for that as well.

    Its p@ss poor that this sort of crap happens in our sport from supposed fellow sportsmen, when our lifes are made hard enough with the law and antis!!!

    Be cautious lads who knows who is next?

    So step up and lets have it why and who. If I said before if youve b@lls.


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    Well Nutty I sincerely hope we have not got another spineless **** of a Troll on here again

    If it is anyone off this site I would hope that he is man enough to own up, but I would not hold your breath on it. Both Mr B and myself have had similar run ins with this type of insect in the past.

    Nutty if its happened on another forum to you there is a good chance that this individual is using two different names and floats between this site and the Wildfowling one. Good luck mate, I hate spineless back stabbers.

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    Ive enlisted a mate to help find him! If I could see the active users from the last 2 days I could find him.


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    Well Nutty it's a very sad day for the site I can tell you mate! So much for freedom of speech. I hope the worm is squirming. I very much want BASC to read my posts because it shows that on here I have a voice unlike being a member of BASC.
    I have also got more stalking invites, equipment, knowledge and most importantly friends through this website. Out of the blue only yesterday a high ranking BDS Officer contacted me and agreed to help me with my deer management plan for a woodland owned by an environmental charity. The man in question is my bloody hero! I don't think BASC would have done as much.

    If I could get insurance from this site, I wouldn't bother going anywhere else and Rob Mac could have the wife's and my membership fees.

    I do hope you catch the back sniper Nutty.

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    They can read what I think of them fact if the "mole" wants to give them my contact details be delighted to express my opinion in a most vocal manner

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    Leagle I dont give hoot what they read and like you Ill say what I want the issue here is a spineless **** and their actions!


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    And I should say thanks for the pm's of support from the true sportsmen.


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    Just want you to know it's not me. Not all moles are bad guys .....

    BTW Beo - beware of greeks bearing gifts - especially when out of the blue!

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    I went in the tent at Chatsworth last year as you do for a nosey round, a toffy nosed git came up grinning askin oh are you a member sir... well yes I am but not for much longer matey, told them what I thought of them, why I wouldn't be joining again .. didn't like a pleb like me having an opinion I am afraid

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