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Thread: Zeiss Conquest ????

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    Zeiss Conquest ????

    Who uses Zeiss Conquest optics ? Either bino's or scopes . Pleased ?
    In a dutch magazine I read a test of 8x30 / 8x32 bino's. The Zeiss conquest was very good. So close to the victory that the test person questioned if the victory was worth the extra money. I think of buying 8X binoculars either 30 or 40mm. I strongly think getting the Conquest. Very light in weight. Does anybody have field experience? Does anybody use Kahles bino's ?

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    I use a couple of the scopes but have no knowledge of the binos.

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    I have a conquest, had it about 4 years now , I love it! nice big wide field of view!

    its a 3-10x50 ,very bright crisp lenses,easily as good as my 3-12x50 swarovski.which ive since sold!

    when you increase the magnification the reticle stays the same size which i like.

    Ive used my conquest in heavy rain,fog and -30 temps with no problems!

    you wont regret buying one!
    try ebay there good prices on there!

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    Do Not believe anyone who tells you 30mm are as good as 40mm they are not ! i have swarovski 30mm slc's and 42mm slc's in the day they are both as good as each other .
    But at night or low light the 30mm lose definition.
    not used ziess but they are on a par with swarovski so the results will be the same.

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    I've had a Conquest 3-9x40 on my rifle for 3 or 4 years's never moved, has always performed as expected...why pay more? Bear in mind too that we get some pretty extreme weather up here on the West Coast. Delighted with it. Yes, I know there is better but it does what I want it to do.

    It's the same argument as S&B German verus Hungarian.

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    Hi, I have in the last six months been using 8x30 conquest binos & think they"re great even when its getting really dark s(sitting for foxes) If I had the money may of gone for swaros but these are good.

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    My three deer rifles used to carry 2-7 x 33 Leupolds...all have been replaced with the Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10 x 44 and I was so impressed with my first purchase that i went for another two.

    There might be a man alive that can tell the difference while looking at game between a Conquest and a three times as exp Diavari but its not me!

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    ive had two conquests scope still got the one on a 222. 6.5x20x50 and there superb optics for the money. imo had to find a scope to beat them that isnt in the 1000+ bracket.

    25mm tube so light and good mag range and field of view. and good under lamp. i also have the victory 6x24x56 from zeiss on a 22/250 and at 1st couldnt tell much difference. at 3 times the price !

    INTILL i had used it for a couple of outtings and it is much better glass under the lamp and full mag 245 on the victory is much more clear then 20 mag on the conquest. when on targets

    you get what you pay at the end of the day. for me the price of the victory is very high but worth it. and they dont lose much money when sold. but what could you replace it with !

    there is no shame in the conquest and im more then happy to use it on my 222 still. if yo ucan get the victorys get them as they have the new fl glass. but if not the conquest are superb to

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