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Thread: German huntinshootinfishin catalogue

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    German huntinshootinfishin catalogue

    Does anyone know the name of a german catalogue along the same lines as the cabela one ?

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    its called google

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    Frankonia or Kettner Jagd spring to mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IanF View Post
    Frankonia or Kettner Jagd spring to mind.
    Kettner is the one I was thinking of

    Thanks guys ,I will check out the other links as well .

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    I used to have Ketner of Koln and the Frankonia Jagd Catalogues sent to me every year free of charge when I lived in Germany.
    Then suddenly they stopped and when I queried it I was told Ketner no longer do one and Frankonia wanted to charge me 5 Deutch marks for it or I could pick one up free at one of their retail outlets.
    I continued buy stuff for a while from Frankonia when I returned to UK to live but then found that when Germany changed to the Euro, things got too expensive.
    I don't know how you would get on having one sent to anybody here in UK now but they are well worth having even if only to use as a reference book.

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    I’m living in Belgium each year they send me a copy for free.

    Just check their website (German one), and ask for a copy

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    I may be wrong but i think Kettners are no longer going. You can order the Frankonia catalogue for a small fee.

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    Yep, as far as I know Kettners went bust a few years back, it's a pity, I used to buy quite a lot from them, best order was 12 mannlicher mod. m's

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    Frankonia send me a monthly newsletter which is always interesting.


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