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Thread: Approval of all deer legal calibres for boar!

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    Approval of all deer legal calibres for boar!

    Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, always one of the most switched on and sensible when it comes to firearms matters, have now apparently decided to allow all (major species) deer legal calibres to be conditioned for boar.

    Extract from the minutes of the last Firearms Liaison Committee meeting:

    "The meeting was advised that DEFRA‟s recommendation was for .270 to be used on Wild Boar. This was to have been raised at the National Conference, which has now been cancelled. However the meeting was advised that applicants should apply for cover on all lawful animals and should ask for .243 for Wild Boar. If an applicant has a calibre for deer it is in order for them to use it on Wild Boar but if applying for Wild Boar only the reason will be assessed."

    Full copy of the minutes here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion View Post
    Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, always one of the most switched on and sensible when it comes to firearms matters
    I'm sorry, just give me a minute to pick myself up off the floor. I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe!

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    Orion, I for one an pleased that you posted the link, thank you. The implication of section 4 of the minutes is most interesting.

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    Most interesting, thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njc110381 View Post
    I'm sorry, just give me a minute to pick myself up off the floor. I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe!
    Come on, dont keep it to yourself - what's been your experience with them that was so bad that it brought on that bout of apoplexy.

    ft - check out AOB in Section 10 of the minutes. The Met are appealing against being taken to court for refusing an unrestricted magazine .44 Magnum pistol for humane destruction - they lost the case!

    Information surfaces in roundabout ways like this - anyone else have a similar Firearms Liaison Committee in their force area, esp. one that gets it's minutes published on the force website?

    Like this:
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    Ditto, very informative, what is there to laugh about. I think we will again be hit by the current Con/Lib government with restrictive gun ownership licensing. The Labour government did it with fox hunting to gain votes and with the recent issues with firearms/shotguns this will be used by all parties to gain kudos with the general public. I've held a firearm cert for over 35 years and fired and used automatic rifles and pistols, those days are gone and will never return. The post was informative, the relevant force open as well, we have CPOs inflicting there own often misguided rules on applications which vary from force to force. If you have a use and can prove it necessary you should be granted a certificate for it. There needs to be an agreed code of practice for issuing FACs and S/Cs and their use for shooting large game such as wild boar etc in an agreed format. Good Post Orion, keep them coming. deerwarden

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    Fingers crossed, the others wil start thinking sense too.

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    one fly in the ointment is that not all deer legal rifle calibers are suitable for the job of shooing pigs .
    just my 2 penth

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    Agreed code of practice,......................... Home office guidance?????
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    I've read of several experiences with D&C police being very unreasonable and making up their own rules. To add to that when I had my .375H&H my force were willing to give it to me for large Deer and I had a contact in Devon who would give me written permission to shoot them. Well it got as far as D&C police who then stated that they will not pass any land in their area for .375! It was a whole valley and more than suitable but no, they don't do that?!

    I see this as another case of them ignoring the guidelines. Ok it may be in our favour but they're still ignoring them. On the whole that's not a good thing and a .243 isn't exactly ideal for something as hard as a Pig is it? It's questionable on large Deer! It will kill them and is fine in some circumstances, but in general something bigger is much more suitable!

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