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    As my butchering skills are poor to say the least does anybody know off a butcher within a 10 mile radius of Clydebank who would be willing to undertake this task for me.I would rather spend a few pound than continue to waste some of the venison from the few deer that I am shooting


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    drop me a line if you want as i would be willing to do a deer with you.
    am no expert but never waste a bit mate..
    why pay some one to do something your well cabable of doing with practise.

    atb f.

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    +1 with CBS

    Once you've been shown all the relevant muscles its easy.

    Even tunnel boning the haunch is easy once you know how.

    Get yourself a piece of large bore drain pipe (from 4" for roe upwards depending on species) and some string sock (free from your local butchers) Slip it over the pipe then tie the end, push you boned out haunch through the pipe and viola....looks like its straight from sainsburys

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    If you do a search under butchering on this site Remington has put a step by step(with pictures) of how to butcher a Roe. Also Stone has done the same thing with with a fallow. If you want to have a go yourself it's worth a look.


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    blue tube is full of clips for all species. covering skinning gralloch quartering boning preparation cooking etc etc
    if you have about three days to a week you will see about a tenth of em ha ha

    atb f,

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    i learned to butcher deer by watching this a few times, there are 3 other episodes to watch also


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    If you are capable of stalking, shooting then gralloching a beast then butchering is easy, I mean REALLY easy.

    Give it a go.

    Its alot more satisfying chewing down on a steak knowing you sorted it from start to finish.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I was pretty much in your shoes early last year - stalk, shot, gralloch going like a dream but the butchery taking an age with too much waste. I wanted to understand the meat and get good so threw money at the problem (well the missus did as a birthday prezzie!) and went on a one day butchery course at the School of Artisan Food in Welbeck. It was run by Ray Smith, the 'River Cottage' butcher with his wife cooking up the meat as it came off the carcass. It was an excellent day with a top lunch, some good laughs and enough carcasses so everyone who wanted to (some didn't bizarrely) could get stuck in. I came away a far more confident butcher with a set routine for taking down a carcass and now relish the opportunity to get the knifes out rather than see it as a chore. I can't recommend it enough.


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