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Thread: Schmidt and Bender scope help

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    Schmidt and Bender scope help


    I am new to stalking and basically looking at building my first bit of kit.
    I am going for a Schmidt and Bender scope with a lot of guys stating to go for 8 X 56 (on a previous post). Someother people have however stated that variable would also be handy.
    Looking into the variable scopes S & B have, the one that suits would be 2.5-10X56.

    Now my question is, if I have the variable scope set at 8 X 56, is the optical quality and light gathering etc the same on the variable as it would be on the fixed scope?

    I am sorry if this is a thick question to ask but I havent a clue how the physics of variable scopes work.

    Look forward to the replies.
    Thanks, John.

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    If you're going to opt for a conventional stalking rifle and calibre you won't need a zoom. I would save your money and go for a fixed 7x50 S&B. Unfortunately, they are only available in a German build and so tend to be a bit more expensive than the Hungarians. Alternatively, go for a Hungarian 6x42 or 8x56. Either way, the money you save over a zoom can be put towards a decent set of binos which aren't cheap either.

    Kind reagrds,


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    In the past it was said that variable scopes were more prone to failure due to moving parts etc. plus they transmitted less light. I suspect that in a purely technical sense there will be a few more lenses in the path and so the variable will give you less light at your eye, you get a bit of loss with each lens, but my money says that you would be pushed to notice any difference. I also suspect that with modern scopes there is little or no difference in reliability between the fixed and variable, if you drop it then you are as likely to get lucky, or unlucky, with one as with the other.

    In saying all of that I agree that the fixed mag scope is probably a better choice, if only for the money saving to be had, unless you have a very specific use in mind that absolutely requires a variable scope. For deer stalking you will never go wrong with a good 8X56 or 6X42 S&B and it will be worth something as a trade in if you need to sell it.

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    I have two S&B variables a 2.5-10x56 and a 3-12x50 and to be honest i prefer the 50 as it mounts that much lower and the cheek weld is much better than the 56 something you might want to think about and i can barely tell the difference out in the field between the light gathering of the two its pretty neglible.I like a variable scope personally but you'll certainely not be handicapped if you don't have one a fixed one will do the job just as well its down to personal choice and how much you've got to spend but your'e on the right track getting some quality glass makes all the difference.
    ATB Neil.
    P.S Don't know if the light gathering will be the same with fixed vs variable at the same mag but if you screw a variable down at last light it will suck in a load more light appologies if you already know that.
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    I have several S&B scopes;

    4-16 PM11's



    and ive had the fixed power 6x42 and 8x56 and other high end PM11's.

    I do alot of shooting in all weathers and times.

    You will NOT notice the difference in light transmission bettween a variable schmidt and a fixed power.

    Buy the variable, its more flexible, use it on low power in woodland, ajust the power on more open ground to suit your needs.

    Ive owned numerous top name brands of scopes over the years - I am slowly changing all my scopes to S&B and am kicking myself for all the "chopping and changing" done in the past....

    Buy once, buy the best......IMHO

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    Their will not be much difference the 8x56 and 2.5-10x56 apart from PRICE.
    As you will probably not use it any lower than 6 mag, but as stated you might give the 3-12x50 some thaught as it mounts lower
    and gives you that little bit more top end mag.
    but for light gathering you will not beat the 56
    (but i must confess at this present time i am using a swaro. 4-12x50)

    Uncle Buck

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    your prob find the field of view is wider on the fixed mag then the variable mag even when its set on the same 8 power.
    never had a s&b bu8t have looked through a couple and there superb. khales are very good also and zeiss omething to think about.

    make sure yo uget the right rectical for your needs as thats important

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    Thanks for everyones input. What I am going to do is go to the dealer and ask him to put some of the different scopes you mention one at a time and see what one I prefer. I ran this past him and he said it wouldnt be a problem so the best bet is for me to go and have a look and play around with each one actually on the rifle.
    I hadnt thought about the X50 scopes so thanks for bringing this up, much appreciated.
    Thanks again guys.

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    if just for stalking an 8x56 will do you well and if you buy top quality second hand if you decide in a year or so you want a variable than chances are you will be able to sell the 8x56 for similar money to what you paid for it if not a little more dependant on inflation supply and demand etc. To get the optimum mag for the size of objective glass the magnification should divide in to the size of the objective glass 7 times e.g. 8x56: 8/56=7 you cant get any more light through the scope so a 4-16x56 will not get more useable light through when it is set on 4 even although the maths recons it should be twice as good at light transfer over a fixed 8x56.


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    I have had the pleasure of owning & using S&B's for a good few years, personally I could not separate a Hungarian built one from the German in optical terms, second hand Hungarian fixed 6 x 42 filled my needs for deer and fox for a long time.
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