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Thread: A good pair of binoculars for a 10 year old for c50 to c60

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    A good pair of binoculars for a 10 year old for c50 to c60

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    i had a call from a friend yesterday. His ten year is taking a good interest in wildlife and wants a pair of binoculars. What is good starting brand at the 50ish price point. Ie good enough to use but not the end of the world if they get lost.

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    I have a set of these for taking with me when out on the motorbike. They are compact and light so ideal for a child. Optically they aren't going to rival my Swarovski's obviously however of all the sub 100 binoculars I have looked through I was very impressed with them and still are. I was on Harris and watched into the evening the otters playing in the bay no problem.

    Buy Nikon Travelite VI 8x25 CF Binoculars from our Binoculars range - Tesco

    I think I paid more like 65 for them off evilbay

    Alternatively keep your eyes open on here or elsewhere. My 9 year old has a set of Pyser off here and that was a similar price (2nd hand). He loves them and is turning into an avid birdwatcher and nature observer.
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    Bushnell Powerview seem a good starting point. But nowt wrong with Nikon glass - probably worth a hunt on the Bay - what about an old pair of Zeiss? Looks like there are lots of options for good glass.
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    I've got a pair of Bushnell 10x42's you can have for a bottle of wine. I'm assuming that dawn & dusk ability isn't critical.

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    Thanks everybody - all sorted now.

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    What did you settle on?

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    Thanks everybody - all sorted now.

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