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Thread: Winchester 70 shadow 30 06 cal

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    Winchester 70 shadow 30 06 cal

    Im currently shooting a styer 6.5 x 55 and was thinking of adding the 30 06 to my collection, has anyone experience of using this rifle. Ive found some general info but id like something a bit more specfic i.e accurecy, trigger weight, and reloading recipes.


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    I have not owned a Model 70 "Shadow" but I have owned model 70's in 30-06. They are fine shooters. The triggers are adjustable (or were) to a degree and if they don't suit you they are easily stoned to perfection. For reloading recipes, find any good reloading manual and pick a load. I like the Lee because it has pages of 30-06 loads from many major powder manufacturers. The 30-06 round is inherently accurate but I like 4350 powders for medium-heavy weight bullets and 4895 and 4064 for lighter bullets. I currently 30-06s that I can recall.~Muir

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    Unfortunately the shadow range were definately built to a price and were the last offerings before Winchester stopped offering the M70 in Europe. Yeah, i know they are back again - the silly buggers can't make up their mind.
    You'll see 'new' ones languishing on dealers racks sub 400 - the black tupperware stock forend is more bendy than a hooker's back and the trigger is just plain horrible. Figure a replacement stock and trigger into the purchase price, oh and the bluing is quite poor too.
    Strangely, the Winchester have recently released a few new M70 mmodels that really are worthy of attention, like the Extreme Weather which is mounted on an alloy chassis system and the Coyote Lite fitted to a Bell & carson stock and fully adjustable trigger.
    Winchester realised their mistake of economising one step too far with the Shadow and almost immediately realeased the 'Ultimate Shadow' which attempted to address the probs of stock and trigger, but they did take some flak.
    I'm a fan of the M70s and will always prefer them to Rem 700s, however i wouldn't give a Shadow space in my cabinet.

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    Almost forgot...i've heard of a mint Winchester M70 XTR (wooden stock & blue) which has a fitted Meopta 5x50 scope if you're interested. A mate spotted it and got all excited, but the licensing office wouldn't let him have 2, 30cals.

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