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Thread: Muntjacs in Northants

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    Muntjacs in Northants

    Another good weekend. Me and the three professional guides I employ during the season, on a boys jolly weekend away. Three outings on 12000 acres. This is not the total for the three outings, there were also 3 Fallow Does as well. The Fallow Buck was taken as it had a deformed back leg, so the headkeeper wanted it taken out.

    Happy Days

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    only just finish on the sika one then you throw this one into the equation
    malc you look like you hav some superb stalking ground , from what i hav read and heard so far you deserve it
    best of luck
    and keep the pics and stories coming

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    hope you dont mind me refreshing this post malc ,found it by mistake and as it is an estate i shoot at alot mostly for fallow these days. hope other sd members who haven't seen it can apprieciate we have a few decent munty in nothamptonshire ,is that you on the end ...r/h ?

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    Yep thats me the good looking one I have not stalked the estate for some years, and some of the best weekends on Munties have been on the estate, especially with Nashy

    Took a nice gold medal on the estate some years ago, and I have some very fond memories of the place.

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    Nice picture but i have studied it and cannot for the life of me see a good looking one.

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    saw david on sunday, my mate and i took him a limited addition print of two fallow for the many hours spent on the chase he dont change unlike the estate which like many others is fast becoming a public playground alas !
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    Hmm never really been the same since Roy left, and shortly after the forestry side of the business wanted the Munties flattened. Last time I went on there was about 6 - 7 years ago and hardly a Munty to be seen.

    I could tell you a few pranks a chapI knew played on Dave, especially the dinosaur at the end of his drive !

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