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Thread: zeiss service

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    zeiss service

    just purchased a really old pair of carl zeiss binos from a sporting auction
    As a back up really to leave in the truck
    there is slight mould build up on the interior glass that could do with a sort out
    does anybody have an address or telephone number for zeiss customer service

    many thanks pete .

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    Carl Zeiss Ltd.
    15-20 Woodfield Road
    Welwyn Garden City
    AL7 1JQ
    United Kingdom

    Phone: +44 1707 871200
    Fax: +44 1707 330237

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    You might also want to try Glasgow Binocular Repair. Their contact details are in this thread:

    All the best

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Personally I'd stick with the manufacturer's service departments when ever possible.
    Zeiss sort out my old 8X56 BGATS in less than a week after they slide off the roof of the truck. Cleaned,serviced, repaired, re collimated, re filled, and a new eye piece rubber.

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    The advise I got from Carl Zeiss.

    Hi Pete.
    I emailed carl zeiss and had a detailed reply to the effect that as the binos were made by the old company
    Carl Zeiss Jena VEB they were unable to help.
    The man said to send them to Dougie Biggart at Glasgow Binocular Repair somewhere in Scotland.
    Phone 0141 248 7179.
    If you do, we will all be interested in how you get on.


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    many thanks for your replies I will follow the advice given and let you know
    how it goes regards pete .

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    binos now on there way to glasgow bino repairs waiting inspection and quote for the work needed
    thanks again for the links guys
    regards pete.

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    I sent my late father-in-laws carl zeiss 7x50 to Glasgow binocular repair. You want get better service mate. Quick turm around and I thought good value for money. Around 50 inc special delivery for a sevice.

    Hows it going with you down there mate.



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    Hi Pete
    You will not be disappointed with Glasgow binocular repair, Great service..

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    good to hear from you mate been really quiet on the bucks
    shot a nice six pointer couple of weeks back and a cull buck as well
    im putting it down to the acres and acres of maize around us at the moment
    and being on nights dosent help much either
    hope alls well with you look forward to catching up in the near future
    regards pete .

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