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Thread: Small bone saw recomendations

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    Small bone saw recomendations

    Hi All,

    Would you have any suggestions for a decent bone saw that will last the test of time for use on splitting the chest bone etc. on Sika, fallow and Red deer.
    i.e. the larger deer species.

    Many thanks


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    David Stratton breastbone saw.

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    Sagen, the one with the orange handle capable of blade replacements
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    Quote Originally Posted by TH4 View Post
    David Stratton breastbone saw.
    +1 on that, best by a mile. A lot of inferior products out there, the original DS is still the best, and will last, assuming proper use and care. Beware of imitations!

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    Gerber Gator exchange a blade saw comes with 2 high carbon stainless steel blades fine and course available on e/bay&amazon cost around 29
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    Quote Originally Posted by TH4 View Post
    David Stratton breastbone saw.
    And where might we find one of them for sale pls?
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    Quote Originally Posted by long_range_rob View Post
    And where might we find one of them for sale pls?
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    BushWear do this one - handy to carry in your day pack/bumbag

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    Quote Originally Posted by marrajack View Post
    Swiss army hunter knife
    I've just bought one of these to keep in my jacket pocket. As I sometimes forget to put my fixed blade knife on the belt before setting off. Always a pain when I realise this with a deer lying on the floor and no knife. While the blade is not long enough to bleed a red or fallow easily it is more tan capable of gralloching any of the deer. I must say the serrated blade just rips through the ribs on roe and muntjac and when wanting to cut the clavicle bone there is a saw which does it no problem. All stainless steel and it washes no problem. Done 3 or 4 deer with it in the last few weeks and will keep it in the pocket.

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