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Thread: Stalking ground North West Scotland

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    Stalking ground North West Scotland

    View from the Lodge garden. This area is 44,400 acres which I organised and managed the first Red Deer cull on when it was purchased by the local community. Myself a part time keeper and 5 semi professional stalkers took a cull of 180 head.

    There are no roads inside the property.

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    Beautiful...The lump is Sulliven?

    So glad you've got the photo thing sorted Malc.

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    Yes its Sulliven, never been to the top but its 7 miles to the base from the lodge, and I have walked it and back with a clients and two Garrons in the pouring rain. Not much fun that day

    This past season I was stalking again on there with an American client, and there was a stag with hinds on the very top we could see them through the bino's. They were safe up there as there was no way I was climbing that lump to get a shot for a client, you would have a hell of a drag back, and those days are almost over for me at nearly 53 years old.

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    It wouldn't even enter my head to want to climb the thing...perfer to look at hills like that through the bottom of a whisky tumbler! I'm such a slacker!

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    Just as I remember it Malcolm. It was a great day when you took the wife and I to have a look at your West Coast operation. Seeing all those Red Stags (fifty or so I think you said) high on the hills and then the breath taking scenery. Truly magical!

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    Where else do you get such views and the right light to capture it by, the West has some truly magnificent sights. The real sad thing is I have to travel about half an hour 'ish to get to Suilven

    This on the other hand is ten minutes up the road

    Bugger ain't it


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    Sikamalc - I wanted to say that is beautiful, it's my favourite type of country - if God had to live somewhere - it would be there.

    JAYB - yours looks good too, snow gives everything a semi-astral plane feel.

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