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Thread: why does my sako throw the 3rd round ?

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    why does my sako throw the 3rd round ?

    Hi Everyone

    i have recently purchased a Sako 75 hunter in .308win
    i reload my own ammunition and have been right through all the rigmural and found my rifle likes 150g hornady interbonds with 46grains of N140 powder
    this gives me a good group.

    although i have found that
    same bullet, same case, same primer

    but 43.5 grains of n140 the rifle throws the 3rd round
    also tried 45.5 grains of n140 it does'nt throw the round although i get a vertical line as a group

    46 grains gives a good group
    yet to try 46.5 later today

    i have heard this morning of a fellow stalker that is a usual characteristic

    any idea's ?

    also scope is tight, rifle is on benchrest

    cheers steve
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    Steve, what is the interval between shots?
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    if its a skinny barrel it could be getting warm if 3 shots are fired off pretty fast. i would take time between each shot and see if that happens.

    as for the vertical line group. this happens sometimes your find if yo utweek the load up or down abit on the powder your find it will tighten up

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    Hard to tell if a "Full" five shot group is not fired, vertical stringing can also be down to movement of mounting the rifle, I would fire a full five shot group & see if the "one away" applies.
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    a minute or so between shots i would say, i regularly check barrel to see if its warm.
    if its warm i wait, if not i continue to shoot

    as it was, the barrel was not considerable warm so i continued

    also i fire one 3 shot group letting the barrel cool.
    then another 3

    the 4 bullets strike moreless on top of each other the 3rd and 6th round throws 1/4" north east
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    Four rounds on top of each other sounds pretty good to me, that is if you are at least @ 100yds, I would definately shoot five straight off & see what the "group" looks like before looking elsewhere.
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    Steve. As per finnbear above, it sounds like the rifle shoots pretty well. To bottom out your theory, I suggest you perform a blind test with someone who can shoot but doesn't know the issue you are sparring with. If someone who hasn't read your thread and doesn't know the issue gets the same result, then you have a small issue. Another tack to explore is to do a test with factory ammunition. The other thing to keep in mind is what you want this rifle to do in the field. From time to time I fire 3 shots at say a doe and 2 followers, but in practice 75% of the time I only fire one shot, reload and deal with one deer. Regards JCS

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    It sounds like this may be nothing more than a coincidence if it is shooting well with the 46-grain load. TBH it sounds like 46 grains is the load for your rifle why bother with the rest?

    I had a Rem 700 with a standard barrel and it would always throw the third round I believe due to the barrel getting hot. I put a heavy barrel on it and now it shoots clover leafs

    I have a Tikka .308 (I believe is the same or similar to the Sako) which I have had good results with and no issues with throwing the third round, perhaps if I play about with it a bit more I might get differing results. I was lucky the first load I made up for it shot well enough to not bother about further development.


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    How are you getting 55.5g of VV N140 into a .308 case?

    Max load for this combination is in the high 40's. VV reloading book advises [for N140 / 150g bullet] a start load of 41.8g to the max load of 47.1 so going to 55.5g is highly dangerous IMHO

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    So what size is the group overall including your 1/4" flyer's?

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