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Thread: Remington 700 cdl Scope Base change

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    Smile Remington 700 cdl Scope Base change

    Hi I have always fitted my own scopes with no problems i always use locktite 243 on all screws which locks the thread but is fortunately easy to undo. This week i swapped my leupold scope bases from standard to quick release so that i can change scopes easily. Went to the range this morning to make final adjustments, sighted the target through the barrel and adjusted the scope to match. put a round in the chamber closed the bolt pulled the trigger (click) misfire, i waited a while before ejecting the round then noticed that the primer had not been dented, tried it again same result. on the long drive back home i was thinking about the problem, all i had done was change the bases. when i got home i removed the scope and putting my finger in the chamber i could just feel that the rear screw of the front mount was protruding into the chamber preventing the bolt from closing fully. I had used one screw from the standard mount which was about two threads longer. Problem Solved.
    cheers geoff
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    Surely you mean "locking lug recess", not chamber?? You'd need skinny fingers to feel a screw in the chamber, and I'm guessing the fired cases would have been a bugger to extract!~Muir

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    Hi Muir yes you are correct, the locking lug was hitting the screw head, Badly explained on my part, i am in france at the moment and belong to a club here shooting mostly black powder, so back to the range on wednesday to adjust the scope. it will be interested to see how much the POA alters when i remove then replace the scope, according to leupold it should not move more that .5 of an inch at 100 yards
    regards geoff

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