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Thread: Sako 75 .308win any suggestions on a good load ?

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    Sako 75 .308win any suggestions on a good load ?


    i've recently purchased a sako 75 hunter in .308 win

    my load at the moment is 150g Hornady interbonds with 46 grains of N140
    produces a inch group at 100yards. i'm content with this load as i normally stalk roe and rarely shoot over 100 yards.

    any thoughts on a better load to try

    any suggestions will be appreciated
    cheers steve

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    Are you wanting to shoot tight little target groups or produce a hunting round? I would suggest that you have a hunting round already and if you want target rounds then the first thing you need to sort out is you. I would not be surprised that once you have eliminated any inconsistencies in the way you hold the gun, mount the gun etc the your present hunting rounds will diminish your groupings.

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    i agree i already have my hunting round,
    although it would be nice to hear any suggestions that other members might have found with diferent bullets, cases, primers and powders that suit and shoot well in they're .308's


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    Hornady interlocks,44.8grains of N140,Winchester cases,BR primers= sub 1""@100m

    if it works dont change it

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    44-46grns N140/Varget any 150grn bullet. Come on, at least make it a hard question. I think that will get you "in the ball park with near enough any rifle.
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