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Thread: Feeder Damage

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    Feeder Damage

    Towards the end f last year there was much cursing and gnashing of teeth. Someone was using our feeder as target practice with a high powered rifle. mmmmmmmmmmm. problem one. No bullets in the barrels, mmmmmmmmmmm problem two. Heavy plastic. No exit holes. Closer examination showed the holes had gouge marks to the side of the holes.
    Conclussion. it was the sika ramming the barrels to tilt and discharge grain. Often the spings had completely undone due to vibration. We had to put in nielock nuts. However it was the holes that amaze me. Fruit barrels are very heavy duty plastic,
    Anyone else seen it

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    We had this with Roe bucks during the rut and they would tip them over if not kept full... also had dog walkers from a nearby caravan park putting pooper bags of dog crap in them too.

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    Jim, we have had similar problems and went over to metal drums with deer guards over the springs. Our holes were caused by grey squirrels but the roe and muntjac learnt to rattle the springs to get grain out, hence we fitted deer guards. The deer also tried knocking over the feeders, so we put in a fencepost by all the drums and secured the drums to them.

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    Not the same but this season I saw a tree planter that a roe had managed to impale with his antlers (pierce marks right through) then lift it up so the fresh shoots were available for him to eat and to fray on the sapling.

    I regularly cull does on pheasant feeders on one part of the land I stalk.


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    Years ago on one of my Roe areas a solitary Red stag moved in and started knocking over the pheasant feeders to gobble the grain.
    The landowner did not want it shot as it was a novelty to him but eventually it moved to nearby FC land and was nobbled by their deer-shooter.


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    wish i had the same problem ha ha, with sika that is.
    good luck with tracking him down ha ha

    atb f

    ps hope the detergents not fermenting mate. been so busy of late not had time to come up. frank.

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    We had huge problems with the amount of grain going to the deer instead of pheasants so each of our feeders now is in the centre of a sheep net enclosure with a tin roof covering the feeder which in some cases can be moved for access to the feeder for topping up. The outlay for this was not expensive and the fall in the amount of grain was very significant, I think this has saved us a fortune over the years and looking at the potential rises in grain costs this year it has all been money and time well spent.


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    Funny this thread as I have just had to refill 5 25 Litre feeders as the red have been knocking them over and getting the lids off.

    In one location the deer have been couching up next to them...!

    But i'll have the last laugh.....

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    If you think deer are bad wait till you get boar move in.

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    We have a badger set next to the release pen so they too have their share, With the price of grain we need to stop them. Frank, I have offered the perminant cure but by the time the problem is at its hight the stags are out of season. Jim

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