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Thread: LED Lenser P7

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    LED Lenser P7

    anyone used one of these yet? i got one last week and so far im impressed with it, i havent had it on my rimfire yet but as a torch its very good. not cheap as a torch goes but i had a credit note to spend in the local shop, they even do filters to go on them.

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    I've got a P7 and think it's very good but have a look at this thread:

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    thanks, will take a look

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    I have a T7 good torch but i prefer my Fenix (forget which model) its smaller and i got a mount for it for a few quid of ebay, its on a air rifle and works well.

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    really like my lenser p7, good bit of kit and the batteries last well. Not tried it for lamping yet

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    Just been out lamping rabbits .Had my new ultrafire 900 lumen torch on my rimmy and mate was spotting with the lenser p7.Hardly used the ultrafire just shot them in the p7 and to tell the truth the trustfire throws more light all over the place and looks brighter but has no more renge than the p7.The torches both are good enough for any rabbits as if they are clear in the torch they are in range of a rimmy.Did see a fox at 150 and could have shot it if i had a centrefire with me.But because of the type and brightness of the light ,rabbita and foxes take practically no notice of it.You even get a second shot at a rabbits

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