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Thread: 25-06 v 308 for sound

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    25-06 v 308 for sound

    Hi guys

    this may have been done (sorry if it has, i did look)

    As you know i have orderd a 25-06 T3 and i was just talking to a range officer friend who is also a prolific stalker about my choice and what sound mod i would use as he says 25-06 takes some taming, which along with bullet choice is why he use's a 308 with sound mod

    Just wonderd what those of you with these cal's thought about the sound diffrence



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    Ive a 25-06 and it does take some taming but all 06 based rounds do. remember it is a 243 with attitude. But also I recently spoke to Julian at jms and he said moderators can be powder sensitive! You could be lucky and manage to quiten yours, but on the other hand you could be like myself and have a fair bit more bang than liked! Again though Ive a t12 scout on mine and would be better using the t12 instead. just some food for thought.


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    Thanks Nutty

    how much louder do you think your 25 was compared to other rifle's you've shot. I've only got .22cf and 243 (moderated) to go by


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    The 243 is alot quieter but then again its a smaller round! I fired 3 shots last night 1st a miss. My mate who is 1/2 deaf commented on the report! 2nd shot to check the zero it was pleasant no over the top bang! 3rd shot at a yearling shot 2-300 yds from shot number 2, 5 mins later wasnt heard as the crow flies 300yds away! Another night an un-moderated 243 sounded quieter than the 25-06. This may sound a bit waffled but to be honest it is louder but how do the deer hear it! Then there is echo etc to think about.


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