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Thread: Tikka last kill

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    Tikka last kill

    Another small memory. This is a client from last year 2007, who stalked with me on the West Coast of Scotland. The rifle is my old Tikka 270 which is now in Finland with a young man who is an avid stalker/hunter. This was the last deer to fall to this rifle in the UK, before it was shipped back to its birthplace. Although the rut was on the stag was not holding any hinds, it is a good cull head not quite a true Switch but not far off it, and was overdue to be taken. The stalk was not particularly long, but quiet hard as we had to crawl across a great deal of open ground. The shot was just under 200yds, and it only took the one shot with a speer 150g boat tail bullet homeload. The weather was good and so was the spotting conditions, this all made for a pleasant day stalking the hills.

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    The same client in 2007 and we have moved onto my other area on the East coast and took a nice 7 point Sika Stag, this time with my 25.06. This was an interesting stalk, as we had seen about 18 Sika on a clear area, just as the light was almost gone. We stalked along the forest edge, and managed to get into position without too much trouble. As luck would have it this particular stag was chasing a hind in season, and would not stand still. Eventually he did, and a shot in very poor light bought him straight to the floor. This shot was taken with the new Leuopold VXL scope, which I rate very highly.

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    That Jap looks a healthy bugger Malc, I really do think that I like the Siak best of all. I think that they are probably the most difficult to stalk and the most difficult to kill by a long way. They just never seem to accept the fact that they are dead!


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