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Thread: Long shot..South Africa

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    Long shot..South Africa

    This is probabley a long pun intended and might even be a dumb question But Im off to Cape Town Friday for 24 days in SA, tough I know. Anyway as Im not taking a rifle nor have any shooting organised but would it be possible to get a bit of shooting when Im there last minute kinda thing. I dont have time to do alot but even a days shooting using a rifle of the place I went as this possible ?? If so does anyone have any contacts in the Cape or within driving ditance, say the Karoo or down towards Cape Agulhas??



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    Try the boys at valley gun club.

    They sorted me out with some goose and duck shooting when i was last there...

    Really good bunch of guys


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    Thanks..I will look them up


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    Don't know if you'd be willing to drive as far as Grahamstown, but there's a PH near there called Louis Lategan, he trades as Melody Safaris (Google). I hunted with him in 1999 when I went over there and his ranch seemed to have a decent head of game on it.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Check with Arno & Dirk at Mayogi Safaris , also Grahamstown PE area.
    nice chaps,

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    Thanks guys ..all passed on to my saffa gilrfriend ...I will let her see what she can sort..


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    Didn't Sporting Rifle do a series by a pilot who hunted locally to Cape Town on his layover there? I think only last year.

    Remember, all hunting in SA is fenced, so some purists will class it as canned. Then, if you shoot inside an FC forest that has deer fencing..........


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    Do some checks on Louis Latagen,if I recall correctly, ( I`m reasonably sure it was LL) he had a few problems a while back, his tracker wouldn`t retrieve something and the client went to retrieve animal or a bird and drowned.I think LL lost his license over it.
    Go to the hunting shops and they can sort you out with some hunting,in some motels hunters put cards for day hunts.
    There is a gunmaker outside of Cape Town,near one of the vineyards who is well worth a visit, makes some lovely rifles and they were cheap as,compared to U.K prices when I was there.I can`t remember his name or where he is, but I am sure someone in the gunshops can help out.
    You can pick up day hunts alot closer than Grahamstown.

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