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Thread: fallkniven f1 for sale

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    fallkniven f1 for sale

    I have a hardley used Fallkniven F1 for sale, it comes with a leather dangler sheath and a kydex sheath with firesteel holder and the two belt loops to provide horizontal or vertical carry, the knife does fit very well in this, it was made by rapidboy from the british blades forum. the reason i'm selling is i have ordered an h1 so the f1 is surplus to requirements, it is a very sturdy knife with the ability to hold a razors edge, although you may have to be better at sharpening than me. i have just run it down my arm and it is taking the hairs off although it could be sharper. £70.00 postedällkniven-F1-Survival-Knife/p-92-139-963/


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    Hi mjjl, I'll take the F1 if you still have it. You take paypal?

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    sorry jac it's been sold.

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