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Thread: Dougies Knife

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    Dougies Knife

    Just wanted to show you the knife I made my good mate Dougie for his 40th. Ive known him for many years and was in the RAF with him and with out him I would never have got my FAC, shot my first deer or shot a Gold Munti. So as I like making knives I decided to make him a knife to remember. The knife is 4mm 01 carbon steel, probabley around rockwell 58-59 after I tempered it. The grind is a 23 degree scandi grind.The back of the spine has has wee bit of simple filework then file with Araldite and black resin, then black liners and bocote wood scales added.
    The sheath was coloured with vinegeroon...that a mixer of rusty wire wool and vineger , sets up a chemical reaction that colours the leather ...luvleeee.

    Finally buffed it to a mirror finish

    Oh and trust me ...its razor can shave with it ...prep a deer,skin it and more....and shave with it again...thats the beauty of 01 steel

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    Looks very good, thats a huge talent you have there. Hope he appreciates it.


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    Cheers Groach

    I have to admit it took me a wee while as its only my 4th knife..but after I decided to make it and it took form the pressure was on as such. Yes he does appreciate as he told me so last week when he was 40.I must admit I do enjoy doing the knives as people realise what goes into them and know if I make them one its because they have done me either a favour I cant repay or given me an experience to remember , such as shooting that gold Munti. Best thing for me is them knowing the knife is a tool they can keep and use forever and would probabley would never be able to justify spending money on , cos they aint cheap....hence why I decided to make my first for myself. Best he gets it bloodied soon and best he doesnt let it go rusty....or lose it !

    If the Munti he let me shoot had got a couple more points I would have etched his initials in it too ha ha ......
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    Nice knife! A friend's brother in law (Ian T) makes knives out of 01 too, scarily sharp. A very thoughtful present

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    Very nice knife there, and really nice gift to give!


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    Thanks again guys, there are a couple of mistakes on the knife, such as the grind where it finishes but thats was dur to my inexperience. Im getting a new belt grinder made so im sure I will 'crack it' soon.

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    My wife bought me a buck knife for my 21st and I still have it 16 years later. It was one of the most thoughtful and useful presents I have received to date. I used to collect knives and had a keen interest in throwing knives etc. I bet your mate will treasure it forever.


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    Can your recommend any good books/texts for someone who is interested in having a go at making a knife?



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    hi chickenman i have just finished my second knife which i am reasonably pleased with but i baught some buffalo horn for the handles spent ages shaping and went to knock the pins in and split the horn so lesson learned horn does not give like wood but onto my question i really like the look of the ground handle the resin to fill the space can i ask how you put the resin on and what it was you used please thanks,wayne

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