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Thread: Thanks to "bucksden"

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    Thanks to "bucksden"

    I would like to thank Buckden for the invitation I got for a evening at the foxes....

    I went up to his Gaff last night, had a brew and then out we went. As soon a the sun went in the temp dropped reasonably fast, I was hoping that this wasn't going to ruin the night, especially after the last few days with the sun beating down and the temp staying high even through the night.

    Out looking over one of the vast fields that was scattered with sheep and young, Bucksden spots a fox, tries to call it in......No Luck....

    Driving around the vast permission he has, we spot a further 3 foxes, only lucky enough to get one of them in my scope, but just not for long enough, if it stopped before it went through the fence I would have had it.......Typical, straight through the fence.......

    No luck this time, but was an enjoyable night and good company.

    Thanks for the invite Bucksden, Much Appreciated.


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    good going bucksden
    looks like TJ enjoyed himself
    just a shame TJ you did not connect better luck next time
    best wishes

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    no problems, you must come again!

    WD, when you coming across to show me how its done? i want a picture of a big pile of them to put in the trophy room!

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    It gets dark a bit late for me at the moment past my bedtime


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    what if i chuck in a disco till 1 am and a few gallons of red bull

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