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Thread: Browning, Tikka or Howa??

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    Browning, Tikka or Howa??

    Having just received my variation, I'm now torn between the aforementioned three, Browning X bolt (the current favorite), Tikka T3 or the Howa 1500 all in .308. I know this is going to fuel a big debate but any advice is appreciated.

    Thanks to all..

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    A bit of a Marmite one this one mate.

    I can only comment on your middle choice, I have a Varmint in .243 and a Lite in 30-06. Both topped of with S+B and both have Jet Z mods on them.

    If I do my bit right they sub 1" at 100m all day with factory ammo.

    Go into a RFD who has all 3 and see which one fits/suits you the best.


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    I got my t3 in .308 varmint last year and I'm very happy with it. It will
    Shoot hole in hole when really trying on the range with rws ammo at 100y. Aiming point seems to be the same till about just over 200 yards and then starts to fall. I handled all three of the rifles you mention before getting the t3. *I think it's fair to say you'll hear neg and pos comments about all of those three guns. I guess it really depends on what your personal preferences are and what you like. *I haven't shot the Howa or browning but I suspect all three are much the same in terms of accuracy from what I have heard.

    Happy shopping.*
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    The one which feels best when you shoulder and fits you the best .

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    Buy the one that suits YOU.

    They will all do the job.

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    It's a bit off a catch 22 !!!
    As stated Browning,Tikka and Howa are on roughly the same level ( i think !)
    Being a strong TIKKA fan you know what i would suggest.
    Your best bet would be to get down your local RFD and check all three out,
    see which one suits you best. Then make your choice.

    Might i ask what make your shooting at this present time ?

    Uncle Buck

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    Sako. You'll be reaping the benefits long after you have forgotton the extra cash. JC

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    the TIKKA will shoot the soxs of the other two ,also if you ever try sell it the tikka will move better .

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    I was in the same position as you a few months back and looking at the same rifles...........I shot the Tikka and the Howa and had a good look over the Xbolt. The Xbolt was a nice handling rifle, came up to the shoulder well and appeared well built. The Tikka would have been my first choice but there wern't many deals around, it shot a treat, looked good and appeared well built and solid. I however ended up with the Howa 1500. A good choice..............? mmm yes and no !!!

    It was cheap as chips, shoulders well and is solid as a rock.........................did it shot well straight out of the box you may ask...................No it didnt, its not long back from the gun smith afer being bedded and having the trigger fettled. Shooting great now though. Would the Tikka / Xbold have needed such work................who knows, but I doubt it!!!

    Would I advise a Howa................yes if you can find one cheap and save a hundred quid to have it set up and fix the niggles.

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    Never had a xbolt, but tikka, howa, cz, remmy.
    All of them need a bit of stock work. All need a bit trigger work.
    Tikka plastic stock is slightly better than remmy or howa plastic but still not great quality.

    The least accurate of them is my tikka, most accurate howa very close to the cz.
    The Remmy is now also under half inch with a new stock and new crown.
    Even if the tikka would shoot as good as the howa, I'd choose howa, it seems more robust and
    has no plastic bits. Howa also has three position safety.


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