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Thread: Boresnakes.

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    I have two lightly used Hoppes Boresnakes - 1 no .17 and 1 no 6.5 x 55. 10 each posted.
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    I'l take them both, I'm just getting a .17 and a mate of mine has just bought a 6.5 x 55.

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    Thanks Paul, if you want to collect them I'll buy you a pint at The Tap!

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    Sure thing, it'll be next week now, going shopping at the sportsman in newport tomorrow then visiting all over the place the rest of the weekend. Whats the address?

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    Happy shopping, be interested to hear all about it. Is Pippa still going to get you that Z6i for your birthday present? Let me know what night suits you and I'll meet you in the pub.

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