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Thread: Friendly and helpful Firearms Officer

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    Friendly and helpful Firearms Officer

    I put a variation in for a .270 at the beginning of March.After a couple of weeks I phoned up Headquarters at Hindlip and was told it would be 4-8 weeks before they even looked at it.
    After taking Stones advice I got in touch with the FO I used before and explained to him that I had put in for a .270.I also told him that I wanted to go and look at a rifle (the one advertised on this site) and if it was what I was looking for,I wanted to put a deposit on it so the chap would keep it for me until my variation came through.I told him what stalking invites I had (in writing) and based on that he told me to go ahead and secure the rifle.(So I went and saw it and left a deposit)
    The FO told me he didn't cover my area any more but he would phone Headquarters and see if they had authorised anyone to handle my variation.He phoned a few days later and said no one had, so he was going to take it over for me and we arranged there and then a date and time to meet up.That day was today.
    To cut a long story short he gave me the go ahead for the .270,a European Firearm Permit and Goat and Boar on my ticket.NO PROBLEM.
    A more sensible and level headed bloke you'd be hard pressed to meet.
    Two interesting things came out from our meeting..

    1 He told me that an RFD doesn't have to log any components for homeloading on your ticket

    2 He said he only required one Stalking Invite for a deer calibre

    He took my others to put on my file,but would only chase up whichever one I chose to give for him to use.This was a new one on me.

    He told me he would put URGENT on the form and if I didn't have the ticket by the end of next week to phone him and he will chase them up.
    I got everything I asked for and he's even going out of his way to help me.CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE

    All the Best,
    One Happy Gyr

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    i am so happy at the result you hav got , from our chat over a pint has led to this , can't think of a better conclusion
    oh i can YOUR ROUND NEXT
    take care and hope your ticket comes speedily as i know you are dying to get hold of this 270 nice gun tidy price RESULT

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    Great result, I've also had great service from Lothian & Borders police both when I applied for my FC and a subsequent variation. There should be a ranking system really...

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    Likewise have just remewed with Lothian and Borders - very helpful and efficient and also knowledgeable about stalking.

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    there is a moral to this story.

    Gyr did his homework, he had written invites and a written offer of mentoring, he is a decent chap and explained what he wanted and why. That is the way to get the best out of a firearms dept.


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    Components for re-loading.

    I got 200 6mm. V.Max. 75gr bullets off a RFD in Cumbria last night, he wrote them on to my certificate.
    Any dealers I use here always make entries.


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    Where in cumbria did you buy your bullet heads at as my local gunshops dont ?
    A Brown sporting guns ,and Mark Gardners both in north cumbria have never put them on my FAC when i have bought section 5 bullet heads off them though they do look at my FAC.


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    Sykes Sports, D Forsyth and Low Mill Ranges. [Cumbria.]

    York Guns.


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    I don't want to gloat but I put in for a variation for 22-250 for roe deer and fox control.I already have a .243 and 270.
    I was granted my variation in 4 hours
    All credit goes to Strathclyde police when I told my good buddy from Derby he couldn't believe it but its true.
    In Scotland if you can give a good reason for owning a rifle they will grant a variation very quickly

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    I would certainly advocate talking to FO direct. I put in my application for a variation for a 30-06 in December 2007 (also to Hindlip); I rang HQ in Jan, Feb, March and April with no luck, all very polite and they always returned calls when I left messages. I tracked down a mobile number for the FO and called him direct and what a decent chap he turned out to be, very helpful very polite and willing to help. We agreed a date for a visit there and then for a couple of weeks time. He told me he would push things through as soon as he could after the visit as I explained that I was almost out of ammunition for my other rifles. Just wish I had gone down this avenue to start with!

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