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Thread: Deer Stalking

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    Deer Stalking

    no longer available.
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    Deer Stalking


    Which species are on offer? I am interested in Sika or muntjac if you have them.


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    Good Morning,

    Mainly Fallow and Roe, all cull Bucks and Does

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    I'm a South African living in London and have quite a lot of experience stalking in SA (mainly bushpig and nyala) and i've successfully stalked in the UK. Unfortunately I don't have a rifle in the UK and would have to use an estate rifle. I would also need to be picked up and dropped off at the nearest train station. I would be interested in a good rep/medal fallow bucks. I would also like to keep the venison (by purchase, if necessary).
    Could you please send me a your contact details as i would like to contact you?

    Many thanks

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