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Thread: How many rounds of .22RF do you go through each year.

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    How many rounds of .22RF do you go through each year.

    Pretty self explanatory really. How many rounds of .22, or any rimfire , do you use each year or target or pest control?

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    2,000 (.22 LR / .17 HMR)

    Maybe more...


    What is the point of this question...?

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    Depends... How many rabbits, rats etc about and how many trips to the range... Just depends.

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    lets put it this way, ive had my ticket 3 months and have used 500 so far

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    I understand that target shooting on land isn't an option. Sometimes I'd like to practice more with my rifle and become a better shot, but my ticket says vermin control and zeroing only. I imagine the police would ask questions If I'm going through 500 rounds a month.
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    Just tell them your zeroing alot and that your practicing to become a better shot ................


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    Have used 2000 in a season and then as little as box in another. Depends what we're up to I guess

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    Nothing wrong with putting up a few boards with target sheets on them, if you have the land to shoot over.
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    About 5-6K a year but that includes gerneral vermin control, rabbit lamping, competition and practice.

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