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Thread: Another Happy Customer of MacLeod's of Tain

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    Thumbs up Another Happy Customer of MacLeod's of Tain

    Following the recommendations of many members of this site I took a close look at the optics list on the website of MacLeod's of Tain.

    I couldn't afford to buy a brand new scope but knew that I wanted to buy a quality item that will last me. I followed the old adage of spending at least twice as much on the scope as on the rifle.

    Gregor was really helpful (& patient) on the phone yesterday afternoon and helped me decide between a 8x50 illuminated Kahles and a 4-12x50 AV Habicht non-illum Swarovski with Ballistic Turret.

    The Swarovski won and I received it that is what I call a fantastic service

    The scope is classed as used category 1 but as Gregor explained it's either been a demo scope or it's brand new but bought from a dealer no longer stocking Swarovski. I've inspected it closely and it is in effect brand new but at a significantly cheaper price. I can't wait to get it mounted on my newly acquired Parker Hale 7x57 and get it zeroed.

    By the way if I had the money I'd buy that Khales scope as well!

    JAYB - don't worry I told Gregor that I was calling as a result of a recommendation from the SD & yourself. More brownie points for you!

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    I have to say you have another great bargain from Gregor. My partner brought a pair of Swarovski binos off him last year. Reduced as Cat 1 from 1100 to 670 or there abouts I think.

    If you cant find it anywhere else, Gregor can normally lay his hands on it, and at a very competative price as well. He always has a wry grin (most times) when I walk in the shop with clients. Cant imagine why



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    I spoke to Gregor at the Moy Game Fair and even though i have spent 5000 on my kit with him, EVERYTHING on view at Moy was R.R.P.

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    me and fester were very impressed with gregor and his shop last year when we went in with sikamalc, never heard a bad word yet about him. i think jayb spends more time in the shop than gregor, everytime i speak to him hes been in spending

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    dealt with mclouds many moons ago,I remember it being a good service (mail order)

    unlike sportsman gun centre who i would never use again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by conibear View Post
    dealt with mclouds many moons ago,I remember it being a good service (mail order)

    unlike sportsman gun centre who i would never use again!
    yes I an understand that. I too ahve brought several used scopes from Macleods. Way before I knew of this site. In fact that was over 5 years ago now.

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    Gregor is getting ready to open a new gun room he has had built at the rear of the shop. Well not built but extended into an existing structure, very impressive. When it is finished it will be excellent with what I would estimate to be two hundred plus guns on display. I was in there last week and the electrician was fine tuning the display lighting under the guidance of Gregor, I did offer my advice, I never knew that he had any foreign languages ! Must have been foreign I never recognised the words

    I have over the years spent way too much money in there, but I have to say I have never been disappointed with either the goods or the service.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Bought my 202 from him this year, brand new, never visited the shop, he posted it at no charge to a local RFD still way below any other dealers prices. You don't have to go there to buy, great service at best possible prices. Worth a call before you buy, good website with prices listed, free with advice very genuine honest guy. deerwarden.

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    Well Gregor come through for me big time. Sent him an email asking if he could sort me out quickly with a new pair of Swarovski 10 X 42 EL's.......well the man came through for me big time.

    Gave me a great price on them and as requested and advised, he sent them special delivery for me. Arrived the next day and extremely happy with them.
    Field test for first outing will be in about 8 hrs from now and cant wait.
    Thanks Gregor, great job.

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    test what....

    cant you see the screen
    is it too close with the Sws attached to your head ha ha

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