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Thread: Variation Through

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    Variation Through

    Yippie at last my variation is here... Sold some shares last night online so has soon has the dosh is in the bank NEW rifle Thinking of getting a TIKKA T3 Varmint .243 Stainless any comments from more experienced stalkers would be much appreciated.


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    Get a sporting barrel, T3 Lite, I had a heavy barrel Tikka, as much as I liked the rifle, I would 99% grab the T3 Lite .243 and go with that.

    Wouldn't go for a heavy barrel now unless I got into paper target shooting, which, as long as there is Deer on this island, I can't see me ever getting into.


    PS, Stainless barrel would also be my recommendation.
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    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
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    I'll second that (T3 lite stainless)
    Varmint is almost 2lb more weight, does not seem much but try luggin it around for a few hours.

    Uncle Buck

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    Thanks guys will definatly think about that


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    Hi Dekit,
    It's all about individual preference. I have the t3 varmint in .243 and love it. Shoots sub 1/2 groups with home loaded ammo. Yes it is heavier but i dont find that a problem as it's nicely balanced and sits well on sticks. I would strongly suggest that you try and find someone that has the rifle your looking at and ask them if you could try a few shoots.

    Good luck whatever you choose.


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    Have you got your gun yet mate, I'm not a big fan of the .243 it's .308 for me.

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    Guys, was going to order a T3 Varmint .243 but told wouldnt be able to get it till END of the year ( DEC ) so i opted for the T3 Lite Stainless .243 will be picking it up end of September. I should add it is a LEFTY ( i know am cack handed ) thats why the long wait which i did not want, i putting a Zeiss on top and a Wildcat Mod on the front.

    Will l let you know how it performs when i get it. Thanks for your advice guys.........


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    I am waiting for the screams about your choice of Moderator seems there are those who don't like/rate the Wildcats. I when through it when i got mine AND I asked questions first. I find that modes do spoil the balance and use mine when needed not every time out.

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    I tryed the Rifle they had in the shop to see how it fit ( they only had right hand ) and to see how the balance was, it had the Wildcat on that seemed ok to me. I will be using sticks and bi-pod so shouldnt be to much of an assle.............


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    We await the photos eagerly and may I wish you the best of luck with you new purchase. There is fun to be had wringing out a new acquired rifle something I never tire of .

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