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Thread: Looking for Deer Stalking let / small syndicate membership

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    Looking for Deer Stalking let / small syndicate membership

    Hi All
    I am on the look out for a opportunity to either manage or be part of a very small syndicate managing deer and their environment.
    I have contacted a number of land agents and forest management companies and currently I am awaiting feed back,
    I have DSC1 and currently working through my DSC2 portfolio, which I hope to have complete by year-end, all things being equal.
    I live in the North west of England and will travel. I am purely a recreational stalker and have been for some years, the area I live in a good area for deer with plenty of stalking but unfortunately dead man shoes restrict access.
    If anybody can help or guide me on the best approach and way forward I would be more than grateful. Or if anybody would be interested in being contacted if I am offered some ground which is to big for one person and would like to share with one other person please be in touch.
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    Carl Gustaf
    Hi Smithy,
    I've been on the site for a couple of weeks and I'm finding that most of the people on this site are very helpful. Just ask about, post regularly and you will be pleasantly surprised!
    The banter can get rather caustic but don't let that put you off. We need more posters, otherwise its just the same people all the time. Anyway welcome and good luck!

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    Carl Gustaf
    If you are a member of the BDS they are know offering stalking purely for DSC2 candidates. They have got some land up in Scotland (see this months Deer Journal). You can't keep the meat though.

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    Hi lads, be careful of the BASC offering stalking. I had a good freind of mine go up with another guy about 3 years ago on the same scheme but a different area. Total waste of time, place had been overshot, and was sub let from another man who had asked them not to tell any forestry workers if they saw any deer!!!

    Yes you guessed it, it was FC land that had the cra-p shot out of it. Out of the 6 stalkers over 2 days, they shot one deer. They did see a few other deer, but they were so spooked you couldnt get on to them. Most were wearing tin helmets and flack jackets!! I am afraid I do not have a great deal of time for BASC, stung once with them over Level 2, never again, what they know about deer stalking you could put in a thimble.

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    Carl Gustaf
    Thanks Malcolm, I was thinking of trying the scheme out if I didn't get anything sorted by the end of the year. I won't bother. I keep hearing that there is no money in deer management, but someone must be doing alright out of it, The Forestry Commission, BASC and BDS I would imagine. Oh and of course all these magazines that give you the big headlines 'How to shoot monster stags, be a better stalker, cheap stalking for all'! Buy the mag and its some nice pictures and four paragraphs of 'complete toss!'
    I've been stalking with a well known hunting writer, very little respect for the deer, liked taking money off 'Greenhorns'.

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    When I first got a stalking rifle I got it on my ticket by booking a Basc/FC scheme in the midlands about 13 years ago. I had never shot a deer in my life and the first shot I was asked to take was leaning on the rangers shoulder at a deer 200 yds up a steep bank as he said wack er in the ribs, I refused to take the shot at which point he got quite arsey with me and never spoke for the rest of the stalk. Two more stalks on separate occasions resulted in me being several pounds lighter(not a bad thing) from the amount of miles we marched and not a sight of a deer. I returned home thinking this isn't what I thought stalking would be like and sold my rifle.
    12 months later I decided to try again with a chap called Charles from Swindon area who had some ground in Hampshire I had a fantastic time shot a little cull buck but saw many bucks before we saw the one he wanted and he treated the deer with a massive amount of respect.
    I was hooked.


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    Hi. All
    Itís Interesting to read your views and experiences on these schemes run by reputable organisations!, and broadly speaking do such a lot of good hard work.
    If this is a true reflection on the quality of stalking to be expected then at some point it will back fire and do more harm than good in the long run.
    It was probably started with the best intensions and you can see that, but as with most things related to hunting and management of wild life there has to be a balanced and controlled approach with lots prior planning and thought going into it, the one thing which is common across all aspects of hunting, shooting or fishing is at all costs avoid over doing it or you will pay in the long run and it may be the case that you will never recover.


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    Hi Smithy, I am not saying that BASC is not a good organisation, but basically with the stalking side it has a great deal to catch up on. The area in question I believe was split into 500 acre blocks. According to my friend he could see the neighbouring stalker most of the time, as his area was fairly open. He was also told by the stalker on one particular area that it would make a fine shot on a deer from here; pointing to an area about 400yds away! That did not go down well with my friend.

    My friends suspicions were raised when they were taken round, as the grass in the firebrakes had not seen a deer on it for years, and there was hardly a slot or sign of a deer anywhere.

    I think the basic idea is a very good one, although I believe you had to have a least Level 1 to be able to stalk the area. Although I am a member of BDS I was not aware they had an area for members to stalk over, where is this area? does anybody know? just interested, I have no intention of going.

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    Carl Gustaf
    Hi Malcolm,
    In answer to your question. Deer Journal spring 2007, page 45, North Dunfries 1,650 acre tennacy. Forestry Commission land.

    BDS 'one off' admin fee £75
    Witness fee £50
    Cull fee £35
    Venision is not for sale!

    Thanks BDS 'Poke it!'

    ps Malcolm did you get my last pm?

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    Yes Carl, thanks for the info, seems a bit expensive to me. You can get a days Red hind stalking for about £150 a day in Scotland, less than that if you look araound. I will pm you.

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