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Thread: bench rests

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    bench rests

    Just wondered if anybody uses a bench to sight in or do most of you use bipod in the prone position.I used to shoot competiton in the prone position but i find it a bit uncomfortable nowadays and just wondered if i would be better buying a fold up table which i could take up to where i sight in

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    Hi Mick,

    I don't know what type of vehicle you drive but i used to open the tailgate of my car, kneel on the back seat and rest the bipod on the parcel shelf. you can get your elbow on the back of the seat and it's quite comfy as long as the wind isn't blowing the car around. Probably not a good idea if you live in washington though.
    Oh and dont forget to open the tailgate!


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    In true blue peter style, Here's one i made earlier:

    Its a design i sketched out, cut out with a jigsaw, sanded down, and nailed s bit of wood to the bottom that bolts into a Workmate and gives a rock steady base. I have varnished the top but am going to strip it down again and stick some none slip rubber or something similar to the top. Works really easy and topped off with a stool that cost 5 from argos and folds down nice and small. Hope this helps.


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    that looks a good set up,being a carpenter got most of stuff anyway thanks

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    I use a bench and a full BR competition, front rest and rear bag, set up to zero my rifles. But then I zero all my hunting rifles at 200m as I prefer to zero for maximum PBR

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    try zeroing your/a rifle, say over a vehicale bonnet using a rolled up coat or somthing soft then fit your bipod and shoot a group with the bipod resting on the bonnet or hard surface?????????????? it will shoot 2-3" high!!!!!!!!!!!
    I "Never Ever" Zero a Rifle of a HARD surface

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    boydy you perhaps need you get your rifles checked over by a gunsmith if they shoot that wild off different surfaces something must be amiss.
    Riflecraft are down in yr part of the world drop them in and get them checked over I am sure that they will be able to sort them out for you.

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    Sorry Not good at explaining thing's sweep6.5x55 Trust me "NOTHING WRONG" With my Rifles. Andrew (riflecraft) Funny that he WAS the one who proved it to me, as i said DONT take my word for it TRY IT!!!!!!!!! U'LL be Also have a look at Smullery post in "Shooting Sticks" thread to-night
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    Quote Originally Posted by mickjgardner View Post
    that looks a good set up,being a carpenter got most of stuff anyway thanks
    Dont forget to design your bench the other way around, Im left handed


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    so am i.Well i am right handed but shoot lefthanded as my right eye is pretty crap

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