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Thread: Hind Stalking Atholl Estate

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    Hind Stalking Atholl Estate

    Vacancy now filled - thanks very much Stalking Directory!
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    Hi, I would be very interested in coming. I already stalk near Killin and have some stag and hind stalking booked, but this would fit in nicely. How many are already going?

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    There are currently 7 going - 3 from Oxfordshire, 3 from North Yorkshire and 1 from Glasgow.

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    im sure you will fill the place kev, hope your keeping well buddy. whos going with you that went to malcs?

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    Hi Andy, you too mate! Rodger and Tony C are going as well. I take it you're up to Malc's for round 2? I'm sure you'll have a riot!
    All the best.

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    yes iam mate, well im sure you will have a great time with rodger and tony, look forward to the photos/tails

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    Doesn't anyone want to join us - meet new people and + enjoy some good stalking and craic


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    Still looking for another willing victim!

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    Hi there, sent you PM!

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