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    custom built

    how many of you have a custom built rifle and how many of you have had to play and tweak a factory built rifle .I am still looking at getting a 6.5x55 but could change that to 260 if its custom built. can not make up my mind weather to buy a custom or out of a box

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    What fun is it if you can't "play and tweak" your rifle? ~Muir

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    Yes to custom built.............................. but sadly not for me. They are know as bespoke. and one semi custom by DWM.

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    I have a couple of factory rifles and a custom built Roedale. There is a measure of excitement in configuring your own rifle and knowing it is one of a kind. Mine was a 40th birthday prezzie from my wife. Since I bought my Sauer I have come to realise that some factory rifles have just as much pride of ownership.
    Having been fortunate enough to own rifles from each end of the spectrum I would undoubtedly look forward to pampering a factory rifle. A nice trigger pull and a smooth blueprinted bolt would be my starting point followed by a pillar bedding job.
    I appreciate that for some peolple is just another tool, but I do like messing around with mine. I have often wondered just how much difference could be made to a cheap factory rifle's performance without actually binning the barrell.

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    As there are manufacturers now making rifles that they guarantee will shoot 1/2 MOA or better (Kimber) there seems little point in spending a small fortune on a custom plastic jobbie, unless you want a wildcat or a particularly short barrel etc. But if you fancy one, why not, it will give you hours of pleasure.

    However if I won the lottery I would buy a rilfe by an English "Best Gun" maker, best walnut and blue

    My Sako 75 with homeloads will easily do sub-MOA, and with someone who can really shoot using it has been known to shoot 1/2 MOA. I think it's an "I want" item not an "I need" one. But what the heck, if it keeps gunsmiths off the streets and out of the poor-house, you would be doing the economy a favour if you bought one. Then post pictures so we can all drool over it!

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    For me it would be custom, or customised every time.

    I would be though, as I roll my own

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    Ahhh flytie:-

    However if I won the lottery I would buy a rifle by an English "Best Gun" maker, best walnut and blue
    It don't take a lottery win I picked up my Rigby Mannlicher for 275 a few years ago the medwell & Perritt cost a wee bit more but less than a Blaser

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    No custom rifle for me.

    I have several out of the box deer rifles and all are capable of killing a deer at the distance that I would deem acceptable. I dont need a custom rifle, what I need is more practice.

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    i have custom and factory (22-250 tooley remington and 2 R93's) i would reccomend all of them. i have also had some factory rifles (model 70, t3 and prohunter) i wouldnt get any of them them again, although the t3 was not a bad rifle, just not as good as some. the model 70 was a big lump at the time, but with a new trigger it shot really well. the prohunter (RIP) i will not talk about, but will always remember.

    only advice i can give is try before you buy, be prepared to sell and try and get one in a decent calibre!! if you look for good second hand your learning experience will not be as expensive as when you buy new.

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