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Thread: What new rifle to get as first .243??

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    What new rifle to get as first .243??

    I am about to buy my first 243, and already have a S&B 8x56 to sit on it, but am torn between a T3 lite or a Steyr Pro Hunter...any suggestions?

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    Sauer 202 Outback

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    Browning A Bolt / X Bolt

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    Will. All of the above are good options. It's very unlikely that you will keep your first rifle for ever. I have owned 3 x 243 and 3 x 260. Once you start using it you will see pluses and minuses. My 243 evolution has been Sauer 90, Ruger Mk II, and now Sako 75 as per my gallery. Similarly the 260 has gone from Ruger, to Pro-Hunter to customised Remington by Russell Gall. There isn't a right answer, but until you have experience of using one, you don't really understand all the comments and advice you get. Good luck. JCS

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    I agree with martinl a
    sauer 202 outback ,

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    I shoot a steyr pro hunter mk11 in 223, I like the rifle but would not buy another. The sbs is a good feature but main negative is the stock is very flexible.


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    Get yourself onto the guntrader web-site and find yourself a good quality second-hand rifle for less than you will pay for a new okay'ish rifle. If you go onto any rifle shooting forum and do a search on the styer pro-hunters, I am sure you will not buy one. There are better actions and rifles to be had. or there is a Tikka 595 for less than 500.

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    You wont go far wrong with a T3 there are better rifles out there but I think you would be pressed to get better value for money.


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