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Thread: Trophy Room!

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    Trophy Room!

    This lad isn't living on beans and toast!
    Some trophys I guess some wont agree in having but it is one helluva collection
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Trophy1.pdf   Trophy2.pdf  
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    Thats a fair old collection of everything there!! Nice to see he has had some thought and put a bar in aswell!

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    Bet that cost a bob or two ,

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    Hate to say this but look at this place aka Powell - Cotton Museum. Just so you know there are over 6000 specimens of big game from Africa and Asia, including Walia Ibex, Abyssinian Wolf, Mountain Nyala, Lowland Gorilla, Addra, Tiger, Wild Yak, Giant Sable to name but a few.

    It is without doubt the largest collection of big game put together by one man ever, and all collected with field notes, weights, measurments, longitude/latitude, date, sex, locality.



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    i looked through that book when i was up in scotland stalking 2 years ago there are lots of bigger rooms in the book

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    Quote Originally Posted by 65X55 View Post
    Bet that cost a bob or two ,
    looks a bit like your trophy room, or outside bog as it's better known

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    Thats just sick..

    or should i say sickening

    thats a bonnie roe in picture two...

    ahh to have the cash the time the land

    maybe one day

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    That bloke must have some mulah!!!!

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    I could easily fit my house in there 4 times over

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    Sounds like he's a bit of a collecting nut. Luck chap to be able to indulge his passions to that extent.

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