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Thread: anyone use a 3-18x42 IOR

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    anyone use a 3-18x42 IOR

    Im looking at getting one of these as I already own an IOR and find it very good. My only concern is the small obj size and dawn dusk use - can anyone shed any light on how these perform please !!!

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    Not sure about IOR but I have a 6 x 42 S&B and its light gathering is second to none

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    Yes i use one , the scope for me was a surprise , a pleasant one .
    Before i got my own rifle (in RO is not easy at all to become a hunter and to own a lethal gun) i was using one of my friends rifle a Steyr Luxus in .300 WM with a Leupold 4.4-14x50 on top , the one they sell with a big arrow pointing at "Extended Twilight System" , in an August night , almost full moon , few clouds we got to a wild hog hunt , perfect time and conditions for this except one thing...the scope whit this Leupold i was unable to see not to speak about shooting...the scope send me home ; 2 weeks later we get out to hunt again this time i borrow another rifle with an IOR 3-18x42 on top..BIG difference , at same hunt i was able to compare this IOR with a Docter 3-12x56....IOR was very very close to Docter regarding luminosity but for my eyes colors and resolution is better from IOR.

    Don't be afraid of 42 mm objective gets enough light in .
    Also you can consider IOR 2.5-10x42 ..i consider this scope an exceptional scope ..if you take in consideration also the almost perfect .
    What you can see here even better in reality :

    Regards from Romania

    P.S. Forgot to add , you will need 35 mm rings for this scope , i know 3 company's who make 35 mm rings ,IOR , TPS, Vortex and some custom makers . A set of rings at IOR is 95 EUR , be aware also for this rings you will need a picatinny rail.

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