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Thread: SD Site growth

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    SD Site growth

    Well we are now over the 3,500 mark and still growing

    And before anyone mentions it yes I know not everyone posts, and yes we (Admin) also know that some have left or been banned.

    BUT! it is nice to see that we have not dropped into oblivion as many sites have done. And more to the point so many members have and are still helping new comers, and friendships have been formed. When JAYB and myself bought the site some 2 years ago, it only had 700 members, so all in all we are quite proud of our achievements.

    A special thanks must go to the slightly younger and possibly better looking member of the admin team Alex, who joined us some months back and has transformed the site. Thank you Alex.

    Shop up and running now, and the second SD stalking week in Scotland drawing closer, and much more planned for the future.

    On behalf of the Admin team, thank you to all of the members for your support, time, friendship and making the site what it is today. Heres to a succesful autumn and winter and I hope to get to meet a great many more of you over the coming year.


    Sikamalc and the Admin Team

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    As some one who has been away for a while , i would like to say "THANK YOU" to all those involved in running what is a great site (Sikamalc , Jayb And so on Long may it continue

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    hi sikamalc
    the thanks should go to you & the adim team for buying the site and making it what it is today .i love the site the wright up's ,the jokes ,and the leaning part of it . keep up the good work with out you guys we would not have a site to use


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    Great site. Having been a member for 18 months I still look at it far more than I should through the working day! Thanks for keeping the standards so high.

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    admin staff,

    As a new member i would like to thank you for having a great site.
    i have formed some friendships from here and attended a great nite with many of the members also.
    i am also waiting in anticipation for Sd II 2010.
    i hope to come away from that with new friends and fond memories..
    well done and keep it going,

    atb and thanks F.

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    It is a great site. Good advice and the odd p!ss take but a wealth of knowledge and experience to call on for a newbie like me. Many thanks

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    Well theres lots of info in here, and difference of opinion, on any topic. I'm not a big computer bloke, more a timber and woodsman but I've learnt one or two things- or at least seen opposing sides of coins. I rate it - cheers.

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    Keep up the good work chaps!!


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    Well done gentlemen....Well done

    Here's looking at having 5,000 members and then Malc and John can arrange a night out for us all (free beer ...of course !)

    The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Jones View Post
    It always brings a grin when I read sites claiming memberships in the 1000's. I think there are at least 2 UK shooting forums claiming membership numbers in the 10,000's.

    But when you look a little deeper under the veneer you discover that the sites only have an active and participating memebership of a few 100 . With perhaps an additional few 100 that read but never post. Big numbers help sell advertising space so I guess its in the sites ownwers interests to keep the numbrs as high as possible regardless of how they might be compiled.

    I wonder what the figure would be it you took out the registered but not posted more the 4 posts in the last 6 months figure.That way you would get a truer figure of the actual participating membership. Which is what really counts. As a site is only as good as the participating membership. Its easy enough to work out from your site management data.

    At least you have lasted longer than the rest of the stalking related forums that have sprung up over the last 6-7 years. I think you have just about seen off all the competition in fact. So you must be doing something right.

    All you need to do now is re format the lay out.
    You seem to know a lot about it ?why not give a little input ????

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