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Thread: Moderator, worth the extra money?

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    Moderator, worth the extra money?

    Forgive me if this is naive but is there a real need for moderators when woodland stalking? If so is it worth the extra expense?

    I know i may be lighting the touch paper here but would appreciate your views!


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    For me its do you need! one if not dont get it they are heavy off the set the balance of your rifle and look ugly .But if you need one as i did then you have no choice.

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    A single exposure to 130db of noise may damage your hearing. If you use hearing protection then that is not an issue. Moderators can reduce muzzle flip and help you maintain a view of what you are shooting at enabling you to see the beasts reaction to shot. Moderators help to keep your activeties private and don't advertise your presence to all and sundry. On an occasion when the oportunity for multiple shots arises ( taking a doe with this years young, etc) it may give you an edge.
    A moderator may unpleasantly unbalance an otherwise sweet handling rifle. If the same rifle is used for foxing at night some mod's reflect lamp light back into the scope. Without a neoprene cover some mods 'ping' when brushing through vegetation
    The increase in moderator use over 10 years has been tremendous and I would say that the statistics would show that they must have more pro's than con's. If you shoot paper with friends then a mod' certainly makes for a less stressful day.

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    No nee3d to add any more to longlowdogs reply

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    I use my moderator (T8) because I do not want to damage my hearing, I cannot say that I like them though. I have a pair of electronic ear defenders that are fine in autumn, winter and spring but are far too warm for summer. Hence the moderator. If i could bring myself to buy a pair of the digital hearing aid type protectors I think i would do away with the moderator, but they are fearsomely expensive.

    I am sick of the big, heavy weight on the end of my rifle and am considering alternatives. I had to take an off hand shot the other night at a fox and I find it hard to hold the rifle+moderator steady, it is much easier "sans" moderator as the rifle balances better in your grip.

    The alternatives I am considering are:
    1/ A Roedale moderator (still be used without hearing protection but much lighter)
    2/ a muzzlebrake (noisy, but still will stop muzzle-flip and much lighter than a T8)

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Being a fan of traditonal wood/blued rifles, I never intended to use a moderator. However, having once nearly deafened Roedinator (sorry, Pete) when he was guiding me, and then using a moderated .308 on a range, I got my rifle screwcut and bought a northstar. The extra weight takes a bit of getting used to, but reduced recoil & muzzle flip both improved accuracy. As I mainly stalk in a fairly densely populated area, it's a bonus not to have the noise of a shot echoing far & wide.

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    i shot with out a mod for years and now since my hearing has got worse i wouldnt be without one plus its far easier to tell your impact noise and lack of muzzle flip makes if neccesary a follow up shot far easier

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    I use a t8 and it radically alters the rifle, handling wise for the worse but then I use hazel sticks for support when standing, but the firing dynamic is just wonderful. Quiet enough not to be a nuisance anywhere and almost no recoil. Its a nobrainer for me.

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    My personal opinion is no unless for some reason you really need one ie the disturbance factor or your' sensitive to recoil or something,the very last place i'd want to be dragging a moderator around is in woodland,if youre worried about your hearing get some ear plugs or defenders,i'd hate to mess up my perfectley balanced rifles by hanging a mod on them, JMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swatty View Post
    i shot with out a mod for years and now since my hearing has got worse i wouldnt be without one plus its far easier to tell your impact noise and lack of muzzle flip makes if neccesary a follow up shot far easier
    Swatty makes a very good point here, with experience, the impact noise can tell you alot even when its someone else shooting. I hate moderators but I still use one almost every day. Hearing loss is no fun I can assure you. One thing that does bug me though is the fact that, because they have become so popular, you are treated as a second cless citizen if you go to a range day without one. JC

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