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    Hi all,

    Joined a while back but have just gotten round to this. Have no experience deer stalking, but have done a lot of shooting (of various inanimate objects) since I was small.

    Have the DSC1 and am trying to get into deer stalking, as it has taken my interest and also allows me to practice my love of shooting and being in the great outdoors, but am not sure as to where or how to start.

    As an aside, the only shooting I've done here at home in the UK has been in the cadet force and in earning the DSC1, otherwise I only get to shoot regularly overseas, where I grew up, when I visit.



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    Getting started- what's involved

    If you want to see what is involved in stalking and best practice visit and you can get a geat manual with opportunities for foc demo days.

    Also recommend you visit British Deer Society web site and find your local branch.

    Best Wishes,


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